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ArieCan Productions Championing Inclusivity and Talent Discovery

For years, talented individuals have remained underground due to their inability to access the proper channels to bring them into the spotlight. Two friends, Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, have found a way to help artists hit the spotlight through their company, ArieCan. This platform promises a level playing ground for talented individuals out there to create entertaining content.

Larry and Leonard knew exactly what they wanted, and they made sure they set out by doing things on their terms till they found balance with the company. They started with in-house created and produced content with their first web series titled Chapter 2. They understood that creating the perfect company meant defining the company’s trajectory early on and putting out content that matched their company’s long-term vision and goals. From the success of the first web series, they have proceeded to create more captivating series available for streaming on ArieCan’s website. 

Since 2017, ArieCan has been able to bring forth a number of hidden talents into the spotlight and is now ready to expand and give to the world the kind of creative content it deserves. ArieCan Productions is a Baltimore-based entertainment industry and is channeled towards showcasing talented individuals. “Our goal is to make ArieCan a household name and to build doors of opportunity for our community. Baltimore is filled with so many talented people, and we want to showcase that,” Larry Harris said. Leonard and Larry’s goal for the company is to make it one of the most successful production companies in the entertainment industry known solely for its originality and diverse content creations.

Viewers and users have access to a vast range of content for streaming and renting. VIP passes are also available for purchase which allows users to have full access to the ArieCan library. The company also recruits new talents for new and upcoming productions through its casting calls. Larry Harris and Leonard Martin are goal-oriented and always find ways to achieve their goals regardless of any obstacles. The duo plans to take it a step further by not stopping at creating content but also diving into other aspects of the entertainment industry. The success of other media production companies in Baltimore is their main driving force. As such, their goal for the next couple of years ranges from producing high-budget series and movies, sale of high-rated merchandise to producing new generation celebrities.

ArieCan aims to create an avenue for fair representation as everyone is welcome to be a part of the company regardless of their race or skin color. The company has announced its latest productions in two new shows titled Secrets and Dear Diary, which are slated for release in February 2022.To learn more about ArieCan Productions, check their official website or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.