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Asia Innovations Group Brings Live Social Experiences to Emerging Markets through Its Flagship App, Uplive

The pandemic has cast a long shadow over social events and experiences. It seems that the world has become far too distant with social media as our only escape, but social media can only do so much. The world needs a more innovative approach towards social experiences. Enter live social, the next big step towards social experiences and the future of social media, and Asia Innovations Group (AIG) stands at the forefront of this budding technology.

Live social connects people in real-time through voice and video. It became even more prevalent during the pandemic because it connects people in real-time and lets them express themselves from anywhere with just a smartphone. Live social allows users to collaborate regardless of their location and is a potential source of income in a time when many livelihoods were shut down.

Asia Innovations Group was founded in 2013 by Andy Tian and Ouyang Yun. The company aims to enrich the lives of people worldwide through innovative and enjoyable live social products. AIG fosters meaningful human connections by connecting people in the moment through voice and video. It is an international company with 13 global offices and a multinational expertise and background from leading global tech companies such as Google, Tencent, and Zynga.

AIG has a diverse group of local talent teams within each market that it operates. The teams integrate local live social knowledge to foster individual market development. The company strategically focuses on serving users in underserved markets with massive growth potential. These major emerging markets (MEMs) include Southeast Asia, Pan-India, Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America.

With in-person social events hemorrhaging due to the countless pandemic shutdowns, AIG has enabled the gig economy to empower and reward young talented individuals. The company’s social products incorporate cutting-edge technology, advanced streaming capabilities, and a scalable global infrastructure to deliver an optimal, seamless, and authentic live social experience. This is a feat that no other leading social media company has ever done before, setting apart AIG from the rest.

AIG was the first in the industry to offer two-way real-time translation powered by artificial intelligence. This allows users and streamers to seamlessly communicate and connect even if they speak different languages. It can deliver high-quality video and voice streams in real-time from anywhere with just a smart device with a backend that optimizes CDN and network resources in real-time to offer the best streaming route.

AIG leverages its HTML5-based livestreaming front end to enable users to share live streams via other messaging apps, allowing friends to watch livestreams, and to let users play online games in the livestream session without having to leave the platform. The company is championing live social through its flagship app, Uplive.

Uplive embodies the success of live social especially well. In 2019, Twitter recognized Uplive as one of the most influential international brands. Since then, Uplive’s community of registered users has grown by 90% from 121 million at the end of 2019 to 260 million by Sept 2021. It has also seen a record growth in streaming users, doubling from 9.5 million streamers at the end of 2019 to 21 million in June 2021.

Uplive allows video social hosts to broadcast to the world, sharing their talents and building connections with users across the globe. The creator economy has been thriving in worldwide communities due to Uplive, as it gives streamers a platform to earn a meaningful income straight from their own homes. The app also introduced a thriving platform for musicians to perform via live stream, allowing them to fulfill a unique need within the industry. In 2020, the live streaming musical performances have become the most popular content on the app, helping musicians produce new content and grow their fanbase even when live concerts were cancelled.

AIG is truly at the forefront of the future, creating a massive economy for creators to thrive and fulfilling the needs of consumers worldwide. The future is live social, and the future is now.

Learn more about AIG and its flagship app, Uplive, by visiting the company’s official website.

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