There is a common misconception that knives are just for men. Countless knife brands are catered toward a certain demographic, and it mostly focuses on putting the spotlight on men. This puts a sizable number of potential women who enjoy knives as much as the next guy into the wayside, perpetuating the belief that only boys can have a little fun with some knives at their disposal. Fortunately, Blades For Babes aims to apply some pressure to the market, causing a massive paradigm shift and putting women at the forefront of the knife industry. 

Blades For Babes is an online knife boutique shop that boasts an entire inventory of novelty to professional safety tools and accessories. The brand was inspired by a girl who realized that most knife shops were targeted toward men and camping, so she decided to create a brand of her own. Founder and CEO of Blades for Babes, Ana Dee, firmly believes that everyone should feel safe walking to their car or taking a run, so education on the use and laws of knives is just as important to her brand. 

Based in North Carolina, Ana Dee sources name-brand professional knives along with small artists to create exclusive novelty products. “Knives are beautiful as they are handy, and the look, feel, and aesthetic is important to our customers,” Ana explained. “Whether you are opening a package or slicing cake, Blades for Babes has a knife for you.”

Blades for Babes is the leading knife shop for women in the industry with its large girl gang virtual community who stand with each other to feel safe. Influencers from all across the globe have shared their Blades for Babes purchases and have gone viral by bringing awareness to the full spectrum of knives and safety accessories that are available and affordable to young women who may not have local access to a knife.

The brand caters to young women, survivors of abuse, and all babes from different walks of life. Blades for Babes creates content that showcases how beautiful and lovely knives can really be.

“We’ve come a long way from grandpa’s pocket knife, and Blades for Babes is proud to feel empowered and badass- just as much as the guys,” shared Ana Dee. The brand’s garter knife has become its most popular style, specifically crafted to adjust to every size, which the brand is incredibly proud of. 

Blades for Babes is equipped with a team of experts who curate the brand’s collection. The company’s in-house seamstress is able to create custom sizes and colors for its products that no one else makes. The brand also boasts several other high-quality product lines, such as their lipstick knives, convenient keychains, and swords and props for cosplayers. 

“Beyond the product, we bring the experience of empowerment, love, and safety. Our team is all survivors who want to teach others how to safely protect themselves or cut avocados. Our wide variety, price point, fast shipping, and loyal followers are what separates us,” proudly claimed Ana Dee.

In the near future, the visionary entrepreneur hopes to scale her business to be brick and mortar. She hopes to serve more women in the long run, becoming a more sustainable brand in the future and helping bring awareness to knives through safety education and self-defense.


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