CamargoNotas is a platform that shares the latest arts and entertainment news for the Latin market in the United States and part of Latin America. For over 22 years, CamargoNotas has brought the latest entertainment news into the hands of Latinos. Today, the platform continues to grow and currently publishes in English, bringing the American audience closer to the talents and creativity of the best names from Latin America.

Meanwhile, in fashion, two names have been making quite a buzz among the biggest celebrities. First is Colombian celebrity stylist Milton Tabares, who is causing a sensation in Miami. Known for styling J Balvin, Zozibini Tuzi, and Aleska Genesis, among others, Milton Tabares recently opened his studio near the Miami Design District. His design ideas have taken Miami by storm, and he plans to expand into other fashion districts across the United States. 

Roberto Espinoza is also making waves in the Miami fashion industry, specializing in personalized gold jewelry and serving his celebrity clientele through his company Roes Gold. He has designed some unique pieces for J Balvin, Marko, and Juan Carlos Garcia. His jewelry is of the finest quality and craftsmanship, making him one of the most sought-after goldsmiths in Miami.

CamargoNotas also proudly celebrates the success of artist Liley Ballesteros, a fantastic artist recognized within and outside Venezuela. Her style and painting technique earned her awards from the Tocando La Fama and Tacarigua de Oro Internacional. On July 13, Liley held a successful art exhibition at an art gallery at the Tiffany Hotel in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, which solidified her reputation as one of Venezuela’s up-and-coming artists. 

In the world of music, singer and actress Surena Wong has received praise for her stellar performance in the youth series Carolay and her leading role in the short film Esperando a María. In addition, she is currently promoting her newest song titled “Comezar,” which she proudly wrote herself. The music video is also a treat her fans will look forward to as it has a beautiful and heartfelt story created by Surena Wong’s mother, Ceci J. Wong.

CamargoNotas also uses its platform to share the success of Latin entrepreneurs and educators. They have worked hard for their success and deserve widespread recognition for everything they have accomplished. One entrepreneur with a talent for human resources, Jubbirys Quintero, has also become a celebrated entrepreneur and facilitator. She holds a degree in Industrial Relations and a master’s in Human Resources Management and is known for her professionalism and expertise. Currently, Jubbirys is a facilitator and trainer for computer science and programming. 

Venezuelan businessman Carmelo Castro Antón is another successful entrepreneur. His master’s in Business Administration in Finance and doctorate in Political Science mark him as a specialist in global business. 

The versatile Yanet Pajaro is also celebrated for exploring different avenues of her craft, unafraid of showing her multifaceted talents. She is a business and wellness coach, a radio show host, a clothing line creator, a children’s book author, and a soon-to-be podcast host. Recognized in Venezuela and abroad, Yanet is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who seek to build their projects based on the philosophy of work-life balance. In addition, she has a virtual school and conducts conferences in Venezuela, Colombia and Miami, where she offers advice and practical solutions for strategies, business planning, and well-being.vv


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