All Chris Dobry had when he started Stryker Records in1997 was the idea to put on a battle of the bands in his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He had no dime to his name and had no credit or loan facility from the bank. But, thanks to a series of press releases, he secured an interview on the local CBS station coincidentally on the same night as the Grammy Awards. The move pulled a lot of attention and the initial funds needed to launch the label and showcase an array of local talents.

But what started as a small battle concert organizer is now a full-fledged record label where Chris promotes live concerts, manages artists, and releases music globally. After his 1997 success, Chris moved to Detroit, Michigan. Euphoria productions hired him to focus mainly on promoting large concerts and events, thereby allowing him to work with a-list country artists like John Anderson and Merle Haggard. This move availed him the opportunity to add to his impressive track record as a concert promoter.

Subsequently, in more recent years, Chris has promoted artists like Saliva, Saving Abel, and Rick Monroe.  He has also teamed up with Holly Hutchinson of AnRGirl to launch Stryker Record artists, Jamie Fontaine & the Level, to the #20 spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and #7 on the Concrete/Foundation Chart with the single. “Save Your Life.” The single was produced by platinum producer Malcolm Springer and Jason Schrick of JPS Productions.

On what motivated him to build his brand, Chris said, “As a 14-year-old kid, I got my first bass guitar. From that point forward, I became hooked on live music. Not only did I get to play a few shows, but a group of friends and I would set up the high school auditorium for the battle of the bands every year. As I got older, my ideas for live music got bigger. In the late 90s, I was hanging out with a Rapper in Toledo. The discussion of prisons came up, and he mentioned that one of the worst in Ohio was Stryker Prison. The second he said Stryker, I envisioned the logo for my future company. It is not necessarily named after the prison; it’s just that the word Stryker sounded so powerful to me. The majority of that evening was spent talking about music and coming up with a name for what is now Stryker Records.”

According to Chris, Stryker Records is not only a record label that separates him from his competition. After decades of work, he has successfully built a company that manages artists and bands and puts on live events from scratch. And for every artist who has partnered with Stryker Records, they have benefited from its network of partners. And also, “the variety of music services offered to music fans and the duty to our signed artists combined under one roof is what makes my company unique and separates me from my competition. Our concerts comprise gold and platinum recording artists and our signed artists’ record in world-class studios such as Universal Studios in Nashville and Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs.” Chris concludes.

In five years, Chris expects continued success with the artists currently on his roster, such as Jamie Fontaine and the Level, and several new additions like Hip Hop artist Drew Lines. He also intends to expand his roster to Rock, Country music, and Hip Hop groups. He also intends to keep promoting and producing live events and concerts, admitting that the possibilities are endless in the next five years. He concluded by saying, “The biggest success I can have in the next five years and beyond is just being truly happy.”

Chris would want readers who love music to pay attention to Stryker Records artists on any music platform on the internet. Allow investors to invest in the live concert business or invest in the development of new artists.

To learn more about Stryker Records, visit their Facebook Page.


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