Music has always been one of the most effective tools to spark conversations and encourage listeners to speak about their experiences. Dave Curl is a music artist who has mastered the art of connecting with the audience through his lyrics, taking them through an emotional journey with his songs. With a burning passion for songwriting since his teenage years, Dave Curl fosters a gift that allows him to merge soulful lyrics with catchy melodies. Anyone exposed to his songs will surely be captivated. The response of his audiences is always moving, and it encourages him to continue going down the path he chose, seeing how his lyrics allow emotions to surface and finally find themselves translated into words. 

Rising indie-rock artist Dave Curl just released his latest single called “Shallow Show,” and the music industry is all ears. The single is the second installment for his upcoming EP called Slaves to Instincts, and it tackles around the growing issue of online catfishing. Dave Curl narrates the story of being bothered by a catfish who lures people into doing something against their will by sending fake erotic messages. “Shallow Show” is a social commentary on the dark side of the online world. The artist merged his catchy melodies, insightful lyrics, and an explosive chorus into the new track, showcasing his powerful vocal capacity and talent in songwriting. 

“The strong melody of the chorus came to me while jogging in the woods, thinking about some fake erotic message that dilled up my spam and how this could affect my relationship if followed,” Dave Curl shared. 

Dave Curl began playing the acoustic guitar over 20 years ago. Immediately after falling in love with his strings, he began writing his own songs despite only knowing a few chords during that time. The artist has been writing songs based on his feelings and experiences, daily encounters that stick to his memory, hoping that his words will connect with his listeners while simultaneously giving them a platform for their own memories as well.

The Swiss-born artist released his first track in 2015 and has gained traction ever since. He has garnered over 500,000 plates on Spotify, and his social media following is also growing every day. In 2021, he released his debut album entitled Introducing, which featured a collection of his previous released work and his acoustic version of his song “These Days.” At the end of 2021, Dave Curl released “Had Enough,” which was the first installation to his second EP. Maintaining the momentum, the artist is ready to win more hearts with his latest single, “Shallow Show.”

Outside his music career, Dave Curl is a teacher, and he loves to surf in his free time. Together with his wife of 22 years, Dave Curl is raising a lovely daughter who is currently pursuing a career in interactive media design. Dave Curl currently lives with his family in Winterthur, Switzerland, but he aspires to travel to countries across the globe following his love for music and surfing. To date, Dave Curl has performed with his band throughout over 100 concerts in Switzerland and abroad.


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