The journey to entertainment stardom is a long winding road that often requires a high level of intentionality and belief in oneself. Deven Powers, also known as Mr. Hollywood, has placed his talents on full blast and gone full throttle, showcasing his abilities with the sole goal of becoming a global superstar.

Deven Powers is a rapper, singer, model, actor, host, drummer, film director, and hairstylist. He takes pride in being multifaceted and has done remarkably well in the areas he has applied his talents over the years. His song recently reached #15 on the Hip-hop and R&B charts, and he hopes to achieve much more in the music industry. His songs, “Night-Time,” “I Got California Love,” “My Everything,” “Hussle Man,” and “James Brown” have made him a formidable name in the music world, gaining him a level of relevance he is not willing to forgo.

Deven Powers is the founder of multiple entertainment ventures, including In God We Trust Records, The Black Film Festival Los Angeles, The Mr. & Ms. Hollywood Magazine franchises, Discover My Music Radio, and CNTV Hollywood. In addition, he is the host of The LA Live Film Festival and has cemented his place as a popular host with numerous red carpet coverages. Being the Jack of all trades that he is, he has also worked as the face of leading magazines like Splash Magazine, The Buzz Magazine, Stardom 101 Magazine, Star Magazine, and The Global Millionaire Magazine, among others.

More than anything else, Deven Powers amplifies his background of being born to a pastor father and a gospel singer mother. And with his musical experience dating as far back as 1992 as a nine-year-old, he hopes to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry in every possible way. His multifacetedness knows no limits, and he is more than willing to help get as many black entertainers to rise to the top of the industry so they can lift others too. Through his Black Film Festival Los Angeles, he has shown his commitment to that cause by acknowledging the achievements of people who belong to the Black Diaspora in the entertainment industry.

Deven Powers‘ secret sauce for his numerous achievements is his focus on self-confidence, which he struggled with at the beginning because of the numerous unsolicited opinions he had to deal with. He said, “I had to learn to differentiate between constructive criticism and jealousy. I encountered a lot of haters along the way, but I used it as motivation. I take a negative and turn it into a positive.”

Over the next few years, he hopes to be an influential force pushing people to be their best and overcome every obstacle hindering their progress. Despite being incarcerated and homeless for a while, Deven Powers never relented as he used his setbacks as building blocks to position himself for success. Thus, as he continues to shine with his talents, he wants to give hope to anyone with odds stacked against them and encourage them to overcome those odds.


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