The party scene has been a staple of the nightlife, and music plays an integral role in helping it thrive. Through the decades, various genres have colored the night, from disco to R&B. In modern times, remixes and mashups have been the heartbeat of the nightlife, and New York is teeming with talented DJs who all have something unique to bring to the table. Among the most recognized names in “the Big Apple” is DJ Fiuger.

DJ Fiuger was born in Lima, Peru, as Don Campos but later migrated to the United States in 2005, taking residence in New York City. He would later pursue a career in the disco DJ industry in 2007, working in nightclubs, outdoor festivals, and other events with his current stage name. 

Like many of his peers, DJ Fiuger entered the Latin world working with a plethora of genres, including Reggaeton Moombah and American and European rhythms like hip-hop, songs from the top 40, and house music. Additionally, as a DJ producer, he has lent his talent to many remix sites, including GetMyRemix, LatinRemixKings, and ProLatinRemix.

In 2009, the DJ was able to generalize in the most popular genres in the area he was starting to play, thanks to his friends. They also helped him expand to the New York area. The first opportunity to play at his first nightclub arrived thanks to a promoter who heard him in Connecticut.

“When I started my new stage in New York, I set myself three goals that I had to achieve,” revealed DJ Fiuger. “The first was to play with the best-known DJs in New York. The second was to expand as a DJ in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, and the third was to play in a famous station in New York.”

With more than a decade in the music scene, the DJ’s works have appeared on various streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Beatport, creating a dance fever among long-time and first-time listeners. In addition, DJ Fiuger’s works have not only become familiar to nightclub audiences in the United States but also to audiences abroad.

Throughout his career, DJ Fiuger has performed in various places, adding more clout to his name. Among the venues where he established himself as a professional are New York’s best-known stations, where the DJ performed live on multiple occasions during the weekends and holidays. Additionally, due to his popularity and quality productions, DJ Fiuger has been nominated a few times, notably in 2013 for the Latin Mixx DJ Choice Awards. In addition, he again earned recognition at the Peruvian Awards as a Peruvian DJ from many other countries in 2018.

Beyond radio stations and nightclubs, DJ Fiuger has also performed for more than 10,000 people at concerts and festivals like Prudential Center, Madison Square Garden, Six Flags, and Sony Hall, to name a few. Due to his works at the radio station and everything he achieved in his career, DJ Fiuger has fulfilled his dream of sharing the stage with many artists in the music industry and traveling to countries like Guatemala, Spain, Italy, and Tenerife. Despite his massive success, the DJ believes he can still bring more to the table in the years to come.


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