The media industry is constantly changing and improving, and along with it, cutting-edge artists are pushing the boundaries of creativity. Among the artists on the rise is Jesus Presinal, or JP—a dancer and the creative director of Freeze Frame Movement Photography. 

JP came from a Dominican family who were not big supporters of his dreams of becoming a performer. Despite this, JP still chose to pursue what he was passionate about at a very young age.

Inspired by various artists and performers he had seen on television, JP learned the art of dancing. He immersed himself in the world of street dancing and showcased his talent on the streets of New York City. Among the people who noticed JP’s capability as a dancer is the MSA Agency. The agency signed JP up as one of their artists, resulting in numerous opportunities opening up for him. Among them is the chance of being a professional NBA dancer for the Brooklyn Nets team, which paved the way for him to make appearances on television by starring in music videos and commercials. Another great opportunity is being able to travel through Europe by performing on luxury cruise lines.

However, JP’s journey as a dancer halted in the midst of the pandemic when he injured himself during one of his practice sessions. JP’s subluxated shoulder hindered him from doing strenuous activities and rendered him unable to dance. Coincidentally, Nikon approached him and entrusted him with a camera and a social media project. This marked the start of JP’s journey into photography.

Despite being used to having the camera on him as a performer, JP eventually found his footing with being a photographer. The photos he painstakingly took and edited caught people’s attention, and he was able to garner a large number of followers on different social media platforms. 

JP eventually found his niche in the field of photography when he created Freeze Frame Movement Photography—a project of capturing movement through still images. “Sometimes there are pictures you cannot see with your eyes, so here is a different set of eyes to look at things from,” JP says in explanation of the concept behind the project. The series of photos revolve around the artistry between movement and photography.

Over the years, JP managed to establish a solid reputation within the industry. His social media accounts are updated regularly, and with each new post, he continues to demonstrate his incredible artistry and talent. He is also a content creator for RedBull.

Combining the passion for dreaming and the determination to go after it is JP’s recipe for success. Despite the bumps he went through, JP continues to persevere and rise to the occasion. He shows how one can accomplish the goals they set their mind to with grit, hard work, and patience. 

JP is proof that it is never too late to follow another ambition. He believes in grabbing each opportunity presented to him and making the most out of it.

Find more about JP and the Freeze Frame Movement Photography by visiting his website, Instagram, and TikTok account.


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