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Julie King Unveils, ‘Don’t Take Your Love Away’ Remixes – The Return of a Maverick

Julie King Unveils, 'Don't Take Your Love Away' Remixes - The Return of a Maverick
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A decade’s silence broken by a symphony of sounds, multi-award winning artist Julie King marks her return to the music industry with remixes of her chart-topping song, “Don’t Take Your Love Away”. The airwaves prepare to welcome the unique resonance and fervor that characterizes King’s artistry, eagerly anticipated for a release just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Known for her audacious approach to music, Julie King has been absent from the industry’s spotlight for almost a decade while she pursued her opera career. It’s fitting then that her re-introduction is with a song written in 2012, during a potent period of her life. ‘Don’t Take Your Love Away’ was brought to life by King, alongside Nick Furlong and Spencer Nezey (SPNCR), amidst the transitions and emotional tumult affecting her personal life.

The original track was birthed out of sessions at the House of Blues, where King found free expression through the therapeutic release of her emotions. The sense of security and understanding she shared with Furlong and Nezey culminated into the song, an anthem exploring and celebrating women’s sexuality. It’s no surprise that she chose it as a herald for her comeback.

Taking inspiration from her musical past under the moniker Yulianna, where she forged shining new paths in music, inventing “Popra” – a unique amalgamation of Opera & Popular Genres, King continues to challenge musical restrictions. Her voice, a harmonious dichotomy of serenity and intensity, is incomparable in its capacity to captivate and move listeners. Hence, she remains a formidable force in the industry, crafting ground-breaking artistry that extends beyond the realms of conventional music deviations.

Collaborating with Excel Beats, Erik Mota, SPNCR, Planet Rock, GRiDWORK, jOBOT, and Carmen Rizzo on the remixes, Julie King embraces the individual creativity of each artist. Unlike mainstream producers who mirror existing sounds, King empowers each artist to create authentically. “Give me more. Do your thing, feel free to be creative!” She urged jOBOT, echoing her fervor for genuine expression and individuality in the music industry.

King’s accolades extend beyond her innovative musical resume. A graduate of CalArts with a notable double in Opera Vocal Performance and Jazz Systematic Improvisation, King’s prowess is evident from her adolescence. Her debut album, the critically acclaimed “La La Land” produced in collaboration with Robin Nixon, was merely the start to a series of commendable successes. Subsequent successful albums and selected for Grammy nominations in several categories marked a steady ascension in her career.

King’s re-launch with ‘Don’t Take Your Love Away’ and its assorted remixes signifies more than a return – it is a tribute to her loyal fanbase and her resolute dedication to music. The track, formerly dominating multiple Billboard charts, is set to infuse the industry once more with King’s irresistible energy and untrammeled talent.

King’s re-emergence after ten long years is an embodiment of resilience, a beacon silently guiding those who might have lost their way. Her journey is evidence that staying true and authentic to oneself is the most rewarding course we can navigate.

Awaiting a series of original releases lined up for Spring, King plans to reaffirm her musical prowess, reclaiming her deserved spot in the soundtrack of our lives. As King sees it, “True art is an expression of the higher power, the Universal being. That is what I am always trying to achieve through my music.” She is still spending most days in the Miami Recording Studio with Trip and Vishnu Ramankuti, putting the finishing touches on her new album. Ever the perfectionist, she holds herself to the highest standards and is very excited to share her new sound with the world.

King invites everyone on her musical journey by stepping into her digital space at [https://juliekingmusic.com/]. Be a part of her universe where arts and authenticity intersect, creating something undeniably unique and impossible to mimic.

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