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Dogstar Returns: Keanu Reeves Teases New Grunge Music

Keanu Reeves is a household name in Hollywood, known for his roles in blockbuster movies such as The Matrix and John Wick. However, the talented actor is more than just a movie star. He is also a musician and was a member of the ’90s grunge trio, Dogstar. In a recent interview, Reeves revealed that the band is working on new music, and it’s just around the corner.

The History of Dogstar

Dogstar was formed in 1991, with Keanu Reeves on bass, Bret Domrose on guitar and vocals, and Rob Mailhouse on drums. The band was initially formed as a hobby project, with the members playing gigs in small clubs and bars around Los Angeles. However, as Reeves’ acting career took off, Dogstar gained more attention from the media and fans.

The band released two albums, “Our Little Visionary” in 1996 and “Happy Ending” in 2000. While Dogstar never achieved the same level of success as Reeves’ acting career, the band gained a loyal fan base and toured extensively.

New Music on the Horizon

In a recent interview with Billboard, Reeves revealed that Dogstar is working on new music. Reeves did not provide any details about when the new music would be released or what fans could expect from the band’s sound. However, the news of new music from Dogstar has already generated excitement among fans of the band and the actor.

Reeves’ Love for Music

Keanu Reeves’ love for music is no secret. The actor has been playing bass guitar since he was a teenager and even played bass in the band Becky in the ’80s. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2000, Reeves said, “I liked the sound of the bass – I found my ear following it in music.”

Reeves has also been known to incorporate his love for music into his acting roles. In the movie “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” his character, Ted, is a guitarist in a band called Wyld Stallyns. Reeves also played bass in the band for the movie’s soundtrack.

The Impact of Dogstar

While Dogstar may not have reached the same level of success as other grunge bands of the ’90s, the band had a significant impact on the music scene. Dogstar’s music was a blend of punk, grunge, and alternative rock, with catchy hooks and introspective lyrics.

The band’s music resonated with fans who were drawn to their raw, authentic sound and Reeves’ onstage presence. Dogstar’s live shows were known for their energy and passion, with Reeves often jumping around on stage and interacting with the crowd.

Dogstar’s Legacy

Dogstar may have disbanded in 2002, but the band’s legacy lives on. The band’s music continues to be streamed and downloaded by fans around the world, and their influence can be seen in the music of other grunge and alternative rock bands.

Reeves’ passion for music has also inspired other actors to pursue their own musical careers. Actors such as Jared Leto and Johnny Depp have formed bands and released albums, citing Reeves as an influence.


Keanu Reeves is known for his acting career, but his love for music and his role in Dogstar cannot be overlooked. The band had a significant impact on the grunge and alternative rock scene of the ’90s, and their music continues to be enjoyed by fans today. The news of new music from Dogstar is exciting for fans of the band and the actor. Reeves’ passion for music is evident in his work, and it’s clear that he enjoys playing and creating music just as much as he enjoys acting.

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