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Kizzy McCray-Sheppard Helps People Break Through Their Limits With Her Company, Limitless Possibilities Now

Oftentimes, the only hindrance that a person could ever have is their mindset. There are certain limits that we tend to impose on ourselves, but these limits can always be surpassed. Kizzy McCray-Sheppard has devoted herself to helping others achieve newfound strength through her company, Limitless Possibilities Now .

Kizzy McCray-Sheppard is the Limitless Thought Leader and Founder of Limitless Possibilities Now. She is a devoted woman of God, a wife, mother, speaker, coach, and a best-selling author. Before devoting herself to her cause, she spent some of the best years of her life serving under the United States Air Force. 

After committing her life to her country, she continued in her work as a mentor and nurse practitioner. She has always sought to inspire and encourage others to live out their dreams and aspirations while focusing on self-care. Kizzy McCray-Sheppard’s reputation truly precedes her as she has appeared in many publications such as NY Weekly, CEO Weekly, ABC, NBC, and Fox News.

The renowned thought leader is also booked and busy as she has become a sought-after talk show and podcast guest. Kizzy McCray-Sheppard has delivered keynotes for the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour, Veterans Health Administration Malcom Randall VA, and the Comeback Champion Summit 2021. Currently, the powerhouse woman serves on the board of the Oasis Family Center in Williston, Florida, and Nettie Mae Berry organization in Gainesville, Florida.

“Whether you’re on a journey to discovering your limitless potential or trying to figure it all out, now is the time to cultivate a mindset and lifestyle of seizing Limitless Possibilities Now! Opportunities don’t always knock; life doesn’t wait, and neither should you. I’m here to help you think, believe, and accept that you were born to be limitless! So when you’re ready to remove the limits, I’m excited and equipped to help you reach your limitless potential. I also offer customized Limitlessly You Master Plans,” shared Kizzy McCray-Sheppard.

On November 13, 2021, her solo literary project “Be Limitless: Trusting God’s Plan” debuted to a resoundingly positive reception. The book is currently available everywhere books are sold. Kizzy McCray-Sheppard is currently working on the Limitless Anthology and accepting coauthors. 

Kizzy McCray-Sheppard teaches professionals and women how to reduce stress by integrating self-care practices into their daily lives. Her presentations and coaching courses are designed to inspire one to live limitlessly, to make adjustments in business, parenting, and health, all while restoring joy.

Kizzy has also leveraged her social media influence and platform to spread her positive message to her audience. Her husband joins her weekly as they host “Jesus and Coffee Chat” on Saturday mornings at 8 AM on Facebook and a monthly series “A Covenant Promise,” which focuses on relationships.

Kizzy McCray-Sheppard helps everyone break through the limits that bind them. In the near future, the Limitless Thought Leader envisions herself and her brand becoming a household name. She hopes to continue creating a Limitless Culture, where clients benefit from the mindset shift from limited to limitless possibilities now!