Financial education is often overlooked in education, and the lack of general knowledge can lead to troubles like debt and poverty in adulthood. As a result, many have been focusing their professional career on filling this significant gap. Among the most influential individuals in this journey is Marcus Barney of Recession-Proof Xtreme.

Known in the industry as HIM500, Marcus Barney stands out as an atypical mentor renowned for his fearlessness in calling out decades of financial shock and replacing it with financial literacy to build generational wealth. Four years ago, he was instrumental in mentoring dozens of people, teaching them the power of credit and the disadvantages of a “cash-only” lifestyle. His message made a significant impact and changed his mentees’ lives.

Barney’s mission stems from his upbringing. Born in 1988, he witnessed the magnitude of debt and the disparity it brought throughout his life, demolishing families and neighborhoods. As Barney grew older, he made it his mission to develop a solution, eventually creating Recession-Proof Xtreme.

Recession-Proof Xtreme is a multi-million dollar financial literacy program and credit specialist firm. The result of the last three decades Barney spent manifesting the formula to motivate, educate, and uplift a demoralized community. Through Recession-Proof Xtreme, people can gain access to courses, training, community, and mentorship. In addition, Barney shares out-of-the-box strategies to change credit into cash, live luxuriously without spending extravagantly and build generational wealth.

The company helps people unlearn everything that stands between them and success, providing them with new ways and solid strategies to take charge of their credit.

Marcus Barney’s stories and training have inspired thousands of people to open their hearts and minds to learn and grow together. While developing his company, he had a clear vision – to spread financial literacy to those who know what it’s like to be Black, broken, and in America.

Initially starting with one man, one goal, and one vision, Recession-Proof Xtreme transformed into a team of sixteen passionate, goal-oriented people making a handful of million-dollar days. Barney received the 8-Figure Club Award from Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson earlier this year.

Today, Marcus Barney has successfully shared his incredible experiences and knowledge in his uber-urban, enhanced mentorship program with more than 7,000 members, some of which are actively achieving their million-dollar milestones.

“We are truly a community like no other. As much as we dive deep into the complexities of academia and business strategy, we love to have a good time,” said Barney. “Our conferences and conventions are second to none and have set the tone for edutainment (education and entertainment) across the globe.”

Although there are other brands with the same mission, Recession-Proof Extreme is a unique company thanks to its camaraderie among its members. Many of the mentees have found a financially literate family they can rely on for moral support to get through and execute the curriculum. “We are truly a community like no other,” said Barney.

Marcus Barney is confident that the company will steadily grow its community to 25,000 within five years and hopes to see a billion-dollar valuation within a decade’s time.


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