Excellent artists are known to create music that expresses their artistry and their journey in life painted with success, failures, hardships and milestones. Unfortunately, artists capable of producing passion-filled music are rare. But hip hop sensations Mondoe2xx and Reezy Runna are a part of that exclusive list.

The two rising artists have unveiled a brand new song called “Seasoning,” produced by OG Billy Busthead. The track was released on April 22, 2022 and has since then gained some serious momentum. The song comes through this timely collaboration that brings some of the best in the rising rap scene into one track. Mondoe2xx is a South Carolina artist who has been quickly rising to independent music prominence. His Spotify account now has over 4,000 listens per month and still growing. The rap artist’s latest collaboration with artist Reezy Runa could be the first of many more to come as fans now start to stream the song non-stop.

Reezy Runna is motivated and fueled by artistry, his life experiences and his desire for independence. He wants to build a branding that stands out from the rest. His desire for success keeps him going and is what pushes him to aim to be on top of the world. 

Reezy Runna was born on March 6, 1992, in Gaffney, South Carolina, Joshua Allen, a.k.a. Reezy Runna, always had dreams of making it big and getting himself and his loved ones out of poverty with the help of his talents. But, seeing his fair share of ups and downs, he strives to do that by any means necessary and achieve heights others never thought he could. 

Reezy Runna dedicated his blood and sweat to growing and improving his rap and musicality. Along with his pursuit of excellent music, he started his own business called Wealth Club all over the United States. His business partners are Umar Nasim and Quick Care. This rising rap artist has an existing Spotify account that he uses as his platform and avenue to contribute to the music industry by creating excellent music for the world. 

Joshua started his entertainment career in 2007, forming 864 legendary dance group “Looney Toonz” with five other members where they performed in areas all over North and South Carolina. Eventually, getting his first big break in 2009 when he and his dance crew went on BET network show 106 and park, where they placed first overall in W.O.W. (Wild Out Wednesday) male dance crew competition live on national TV in New York City. Before the TV appearance, the group took a significant loss when they lost their late close friend and member Nathaniel Resper Jr. to a fatal car wreck in 2008. The loss of their fellow members and friends motivated them and pushed them to heights that they always knew they would reach. 

Reezy and the group dedicated their national television appearance and victory to him. After BET, Joshua began to look into other entertainment avenues, testing his skills in music and networking and rapping. He then discovered and realized that music could be a form of therapy and outlet to let him vent and cope with problems he faced in his life and losing his close friends.

Mondoe2xx and Reezy Runna hope to continue creating music that resonates with their audience and speaks their truth.


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