Over the past few years, the world has become plagued with uncertainty, and people are filled with anxiety. Even more so now, with the news headlines sharing that the COVID-19 Omicron variant is spreading like wildfire. As such, social media personality Jonathan Mensah more known as Mr. Mood Changer has made it his mission to provide people with a much-needed reprieve through entertainment and comedy. 

The inspiring man has always been a source of optimism, even as a young child. His family and friends often say that he is full of energy and brightens up every room he is in. Because of this, he developed a passion for making people smile.

By profession, he is a school teacher and basketball coach. He even owns the basketball team All In Summer Tour. But the brilliant man considers being a comedian as his full-time career.

Looking back on his journey, Mr. Mood Changer shared what motivated him to pursue a career in comedy. He said, “This became my passion because of the world we live in. Life is too short not to enjoy, so this is what gave me the fuel to want to do this.”

Despite being committed to making people laugh, the optimistic individual also went through challenges. In his dedication to pleasing people, he started to doubt himself and his skills. He even reached a point when he thought he was not funny enough.

Nevertheless, the remarkable man did not let these negativities affect him. As he got older, he soon realized that other people’s opinions do not matter. After all, these will never change the love he has for comedy.

Aside from his impressive principles and values, what inspires Mr. Mood Changer to keep going is the unending support of his family, most especially his mom. He proudly shared, “She inspires me the most because she pushes herself to want more out in life, which motivates me to be who I am today.”

Because of his relentless funny skits and lighthearted video clips, he has amassed a significant following on Instagram. The comedian intends to continue spreading laughter and positivity despite the ongoing pandemic.

He said, “My plan is to keep making content that people will love and want to dance and change moods like I do all over the world. During the pandemic, I have been really crafting my love for being a comedian and just staying safe and being smart.”

In the future, Mr. Mood Changer sees himself working with big names and A-listers in the comedy and entertainment industries. In addition, he hopes to collaborate with like-minded people and bring a positive impact on the world.

Above all, the outstanding individual plans to continue uplifting the spirits of those who need it most. He aims to bring mood-changing vibes to the world and make people laugh and enjoy life even at the darkest hours.To learn more about Mr. Mood Changer, follow him on his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.


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