The pandemic has given some people additional time to work on different projects around the home. But with heightened restrictions regarding social contact, many people have gone the DIY route for these projects instead of hiring professionals. With that being said, accomplishing a project requires the right tools, and National Adhesive has created an educational and interactive website to help consumers find the right tool that suits their needs. 

National Adhesive may be new to the American market. Still, it comes as an expansion on the success of GlueDevil, the leading producer of caulks, sealants, and adhesives across Southern Africa for over 25 years. In 2019, National Adhesive made a successful debut in the AAPEX Trade Show, and from there, it established a position in the North American market. Following their debut at that event, the company established stateside operations, supply chains, and groups of manufacturer representatives.

As a company, National Adhesives understands its customers’ needs. Catering everyone from contractors to DIYers, the company made it easy for customers to understand the products they had available and made it clear to them which ones were best suited for their projects. When the company created its knowledge-based interactive platform, they removed the guessing out of which products to use. Aside from making purchases more convenient, their website provides a product guide that can give customers answers, how-to demonstrations, articles, and technical data. With these features, their informative platform can tell customers when, where, and how to use a specific product. The company also encourages its customers to join community-based groups on the platform and share tips and tricks with other people.

National Adhesives offers a broad product range of adhesives, sealants, and tapes. Their products are meant to help contractors, builders, and crafters get the job done right the first time around. The company offers products from five brands: Great Stuff, GlueAngel, GlueAngel Delicate Touch, Thicc, and Eish.

Because of the way National Adhesive understands its target market, this company was appointed as the first-ever DuPont’s Great Stuff licensee. Following the success of the GlueDevil brand in the South African market, the company rebranded it for the North American market and released it as GlueAngel. GlueAngel has a line of products such as adhesives, sealants, spray paints, and tapes that can be used from automotive projects to arts and crafts. 

The next brand National Adhesive launched is Thicc, developed specifically for contractors who need industry-specific products to get the job done. The Thicc line of tapes and glue can be used for roofing and construction. Although this line was created for contractors, regular consumers can also use Thicc for their projects.

For people on a budget but still looking for high-quality materials, National Adhesive released Eish (pronounced eesh). This budget brand uses the same ingredients but comes at a lower price point due to reduced product size.

In just three short years in the North American market, National Adhesive has proven its ability to understand what its customers need, and they are quick to provide solutions. Besides offering high-caliber products, the company also encourages community participation and a sense of camaraderie by providing a platform where customers can share their works-in-progress and share knowledge and advice to help other people accomplish their home repairs, small projects, and crafts. National Adhesives provides solutions for projects that require sealants, adhesives, and tape. For more information on their product lines, you can visit their website.


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