For many, their career path in life is a single straight line they have laid out from start to finish. By college, most people already have a vision for themselves and what they aspire to do in the future. While many eventually fulfill the path they previously set out, some tend to discover new destinations for themselves. Noel Mirabal is a rising figure in the acting industry which has experienced this career plot twist firsthand, proving that a person is capable of going beyond the four corners of their career. The Coast Guard veteran-turned-actor tells all about his journey from completing his mission in maritime defense to hitting the films as a rising actor today. 

Born in New York and raised in Florida, Noel Mirabal is a Cuban-American actor who holds a dual associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and Drama from Miami Dade College. He first obtained his Criminal Justice degree and proceeded to serve the United States Coast Guard. He served eight years of active duty before his enlistment ended in an honorable discharge in 2014.

By the time he was finished his service, the veteran eventually found himself randomly looking into “casting notices.” As fate would have had it, Noel Mirabal came across a casting notice searching for people with military experience. Without thinking twice, he submitted a regular picture of him and his official resume. Although he did not think much about his application, he received an email a week later, scheduling him for an audition in Atlanta. After preparing his essentials for the trip and a heated argument with his wife, he drove 12 hours straight from Miami to his audition in Atlanta.

With a newfound passion and determination for a budding acting career, Noel Mirabal spent three days in a boot camp-style audition before getting the part for the film “Allegiant.” “Up until that moment, I had never acted, nor had I ever thought about becoming an actor,” he shares. He quickly fell in love with the acting profession and took the initiative to learn more about it. He ended up going back to Miami Dade College, but this time it was for his associate’s degree in Drama.

Since then, Noel Mirabal has taken on a wide range of film projects. He was first featured on several television shows in Atlanta, Georgia. He has appeared for Investigation Discovery’s “American Detective.” At present, he has emerged as “Joelito Sanchez,” his recurring role in the comedy series “Hialeah.” He is also “Julio Jefe,” a lead supporting role in the feature film “Pan American.” Aside from television shows, he has also appeared in television and online advertisements for Kentucky Fried Chicken’s, Ford Puerto Rico, Simple Mobile, GoGo SqueeZ, and Florida Department of Health’s “H.I.V. Awareness Campaign.”

For Noel Mirabal, his shift from serving the Coast Guard to now being behind the screen for films was a huge leap that led him to his newfound vision in life. “I can’t see myself doing anything else,” expresses the rising actor. Today, he hopes to serve as an inspiration for those looking to explore beyond their professional path. “If the son of a poor Cuban immigrant can pursue his dream, despite all the challenges that come with being ethnic and poor, then so can anyone else.”

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