As we now live in the 21st century huddled up at home for safety from COVID-19, e-commerce has proven to be the modern-day market for all types and sets of products. Now that a virus has paralyzed the world, shopping for natural health products and dietary supplements has never been more comfortable with platforms accessible in a click of the fingers. Unified Brand Lab is very familiar in this expanding market and is ready to take your brand and company above and beyond on the online world.

Unified is a rapidly growing ecommerce company focused on serving the US-based and international consumers in the dietary supplement and natural health products market. This company caters to the industry involved in direct to consumer marketing. From customer acquisition to product sourcing and fulfillment, Unified manages the retail e-commerce ecosystem from A to Z. 

With its proprietary technology platform, the company has created an e-Commerce ecosystem to scale brands and achieve profitability targets through data analysis, strategic customer acquisition, and supply chain management. This platform is powered by Unified’s in-house system that effectively tracks, manages, and optimizes campaign profitability. Such innovation is a highly valuable feature in fast-moving e-market landscape for natural-based products. Brands, in collaboration with Unified, are sure to get the right data and insights for maximizing revenue and gross margin.

Their tech in Unified does not only optimize data for your company’s use. They also protect this data from unwanted e-commerce issues, be it for fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation, and refund rate optimization. Supply chain management is crucial; that is why they source and supply 100% natural, high-quality, lab-tested products. These factors must be ensured to grow your ecommerce brand and mitigate risks. Thus, from brand design and development, customer acquisition, to technology and financials, Unified got you covered. 

Their company is on top of the complete management of all technical operations that drive customer acquisition campaigns, including both front-end and back-end development. Any margin of error is unwelcome in the ecommerce world; that is why Unified’s platform routes and tracks each product to its final recipient, all ensuring timely delivery.

Unified is also very hands-on in their customer service. Consumers are assured of receiving top-of-the-line quality care while leveraging the brand’s retention rate. As their operation is reliant on data, Unified included in its platform key performance indicators such as conversion rates, retention rates, and lifetime value of customers to ensure that your business is optimized. 

Unified Brand Lab currently holds office at American Fork, Utah, but was initially founded in the state of Wyoming. Since they are on a large scale and fast-paced operations, a network of entrepreneurs in dietary supplements and organic health products have noticed them. Explore further what their company has to offer through their website: Unified Brand Lab – We Build Profitable Brands.


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