Continuous technological advancements have brought forth improvements in the efficiency and performance of numerous industries over the years. Media and entertainment are two of the most influenced sectors, as technology continues to evolve to satisfy the needs of modern people who consume media while on the move. Innovation feeds the industry, and it will keep on swiftly accelerating while also giving rise to the number of enterprises hoping to bring something new to the table. Priam Digital, a new digital media and music entertainment company, is rising to the challenge of developing new services that will match the requirements of an ever-evolving industry.

A potential game-changer, the newly launched company focuses on music distribution, promotion, and label services that are designed for independent artists and labels searching for an all-in-one solution to get their music out in the open. Additional global distribution will also be made possible by Priam Digital’s partnership with over 35 music and streaming stores worldwide. 

At the core of Priam Digital is its commitment to bringing change and chances in new markets where artists are undervalued by giving them equal opportunities and tools to produce, release, and monetize their creations. 

“Our goal has always been to provide our customers exceptional fast support, fully understanding their distribution needs and making the moves to optimize and maximize their profits,” shared the minds behind this esteemed company. “We also offer our clients advances to promote and fund their projects, which no distributor does. This way, they get label funding while having full control of their catalog.”

Clients will have complete royalty transparency in addition to the flexibility and total control of their catalogs. Priam Digital seeks to deliver maximized opportunities not locked behind a paywall like other companies and platforms have. Instead, it presents an avenue for the clients where they can have the option of receiving 100% of their royalties for a yearly fee that includes unlimited distribution. “We see ourselves more as a partner, rather than a traditional business-client approach,” the creators explained.

Priam Digital believes in working closely with the clients to further understand their needs and, in effect, solve their problems more efficiently than competitors. The company operates with the artists in mind and makes sure to extend exceptional customer support on top of the friendly and competitive deals. 

In the years to come, Priam Digital intends to secure a strong foothold in the music industry and become the go-to for new and established artists. The company is set on continuing to provide artists with resources, lessons, tools, and best practices that will aid them in maximizing their release and marketing plans, as well as growing their fanbases.

Furthermore, by utilizing cutting-edge technology, Priam Digital and its team of outstanding programmers are developing an all-in-one application that will grant artists access to an ecosystem where their careers can flourish faster and cheaper than ever before. Showing no signs of slowing down soon, Priam Digital is definitely a company that artists and music labels should keep their eye on.


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