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Ron Counts and Thriving as a Comedian with His Spontaneous Comedy Style

Making people laugh is serious business that requires on point delivery that the performer cannot afford to get wrong. Being fluid and spontaneous with jokes are two qualities a comedian must have in their armory and for Ron Counts, his spontaneity always shines through.

Known for his ability to tell jokes without writing them down prior, Ron Counts is counting on his unique strength as a comedian to become a major force in the comedy world. The West Germany-born comedian, who spent 15 years in the military and is a veteran, takes pride in his ability to make jokes out of anything and is a proud lover of children. He often makes himself, his past relationships, and his family the butt of his jokes and many times, he has referenced his poor memory as the reason why he does not write his jokes because he may not remember them later.

Ron Counts makes comedy to give his audience a form of escape and relief from their worries and stress. As he continues to build his career and profile as a comedian, Ron hopes to become a well-known and respected name in the comedy world. His comedy career was largely influenced by his friends and family who saw him as someone with a great sense of humor. He gave in to their prodding and started building a career in comedy, which has made him who he is today.

As a comedian and a person, Ron Counts always manages to see the good in every situation and he finds a way to turn them into positive things to discuss. It explains why he’s big on providing hope, comfort, and succor to people with his jokes. His ability to tell jokes without any serious preparation. “I am blessed with a gift and a curse that many people admire a lot. I have such a poor memory that I once couldn’t remember where I parked my car at a grocery store,” he shared. “And when it comes to performances, I never write anything down. I perform straight from my head every time,”

Ron Counts draws inspiration from his family and children. He works hard to give them a better life and they are the source of most of his comedic materials. “There’s nothing like making fun of your family for laughs,” he said. Over the next few years, he hopes to start writing jokes for other comics and share the knowledge he has acquired over the years with aspiring comedians. He also plans to take authorship more seriously and become a well-respected comedian for his talents and his ability to inspire and motivate with his wisdom.

Pursuing his dreams in comedy is one thing Ron Counts will always be grateful he did. He gave in to the encouragement he got from his loved ones and he’s better for it today. He hopes to pass across the same message to anyone that needs it and show them how important it is for them to pursue their dreams and be whoever they want to be.Learn more about Ron Counts on his official Instagram page.

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