People stay confident when they look good. To take on challenges in life, people must feel comfortable with their own skin, body, and hair. However, there are many artificial or natural factors that result in the deterioration of many parts of the body. It usually goes with aging or medical conditions. This is a burden that David Santiago intends to confront. 

Santiago is the owner and chief executive of Scalp Solutions, a hair wellness shop for men and women seeking to counter hair problems. Based in New York, Scalp Solutions works with hundreds of individuals who suffer from bothersome problems like hair loss, receding hairlines, head scars, and many more. With their time-tested procedures, the shop serves as one of the premier hair care shops in NYC. 

Scalp Solutions solves hair problems of individuals through SMP and cranial prosthesis. Scalp micropigmentation or SMP, often referred to as scalp tattoo or cosmetic hair, is a non-surgical procedure that imitates a shaved head look by applying natural pigments to the dermal layer of the scalp. The operation is popular among men suffering from hair loss or receding hairlines. Another method is called cranial prosthesis or hair prosthesis. This uses specialized wigs that match the needs of an individual. 

The motivation for creating Scalp Solutions stems from Santiago’s past dilemma. One point in time, he experienced a receding hairline. Alarmed by the situation, Santiago took to experts and was introduced to scalp micropigmentation and cranial prosthesis. He piqued interest in the procedures and started to ask professionals about it. His personal experience with the methods prompted him to start a shop that does the same. To Santiago, it has been his mission to prevent others from losing their confidence because of hair problems. 

Looking back, he always had the aptitude to treat hairs. At 14, Santiago did the hairs of many clients using a pair of Andis trimmers. For five years, he went on to servicing hundreds more, and over time, he developed a keen sense of responsibility for giving the best results for customers. He withdrew from the hair industry when he joined the US Marine Corps. Only 19 at the time, Santiago braved new terrains to serve his country—joining the ranks of many others. But even when he is pursuing a different career, Santiago continued his childhood passion. He barbered for his fellow Marines and received an honor for grooming Purple Heart awardees of the US Marines. 

After 13 years, he humbly laid down his service and jump-started his career in the hair industry. Now a licensed master barber and a certified hair loss practitioner, Santiago founded Scalp Solutions to help the community. He makes sure that every client gets the remedy they desire. Similarly, Santiago understands that there are practitioners who do not abide by the correct protocols of wellness treatment. So he takes it up a notch with new technology. 

Recently, Scalp Solutions also offers UNDO™, a patent-pending non-laser pigment removal system that safely removes undesirable blemishes from permanent makeup, incorrect SMP procedures, and body tattoos. They can use the technique on all skin types and ink colors, and it is safe to use in delicate areas such as the eyes.

Along with other industry experts, Santiago pushes on to give restoration and comfort so that people may go on with their lives confident and worry-free.For more information about Scalp Solutions, visit their website. For more updates, follow their official Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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