Anthony Esposito is a theatrical and influencer talent agent for Media Artists Group, and today, he’s here to tell a story of transitions and goal setting.

Anthony Esposito, a United States Marine Corps veteran, was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. After the military, he quickly found himself working in the hospitality industry as a nightclub host with companies such as Tao Group and Hakkasan Group. As a result, Anthony was able to learn a lot and take his hospitality career to new heights. He has excellent connections worldwide and knows how to bring people together for business and a great time.

Leveraging the skills he learned, Anthony Esposito started his journey in the entertainment industry. First, he found motivation in his circle of friends who were popular performers on the Las Vegas strip, and eventually started working at the production companies that ran them. After two years of getting entertainment experience, Anthony decided to challenge himself further by relocating to Los Angeles, pursuing his studies at Los Angeles Film School, completing his Bachelors in Entertainment Business, and then New York Film Academy to attain his Masters in Film Production. Anthony is now a successful talent agent with his knowledge, experience, and passion for the film industry growing every day.

The transition from a Vegas nightclub host to working as an agent for artists was not easy, However he doesn’t see himself doing anything else, so it makes sense to take this route to success. He has worked his way up the ladder, interning with production companies and agencies until eventually working full-time when he finished school. Anthony’s career path includes having experience as an intern, agent assistant, junior agent, commercial agent, and finally earning his title of a theatrical and influencer talent agent. Currently, Anthony continues his career in Hollywood with the Media Artists Group, one of the most respected talent agencies that has been around for over 30 years. He still treats each day as if it is the first, setting goals so high that he doesn’t slow down. 

Media Artists Group, or MAG, represents some of the world’s most prominent actors and influencers across the board. The talent agency is currently one of the oldest in Los Angeles, contributing to the success of many film icons. The company was bought out by Raphael Berko back in 1987, when it was first known as Leonetti Talent Agency. He renamed it Media Artists Group, and the rest is history. Media Artists Group has now expanded operations to multiple markets, representing some of the top actors and personalities in the industry. 

Working with Media Artists Group, Anthony Esposito plans to elevate artists’ careers by bringing them opportunities and guidance. He loves helping his clients strengthen their brands and has successfully done so over the last several years. To learn more about Media Artists Group and Anthony Esposito, visit the MAG website.


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