American poet and musician Thomas Paxton Whitaker is finally speaking out about the false rumors regarding Tila Tequila after the Singaporean-born American reality star recently received backlash online. According to an interview Whitaker had with Radar Online, the MTV dating show “A Shot At Love” star allegedly broke up with Whitaker due to financial problems. Whitaker is the father of Tila’s daughter, Isabella Monroe Nguyen-Whitaker.

“Tila and I kept our relationship private for a long time, but once she got pregnant, the word spread pretty fast. Our relationship was never perfect, but after the public became aware, it caused a huge strain between the two of us,” Whitaker revealed. “We both made a lot of mistakes with each other, but this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Citing an interview with Amber Ryland, who was working with Radar Online at the time, Whitaker admitted that he had made a huge mistake. “Amber’s a nice lady. I like her, and I respect her, but these tabloid rags want dirt. It’s a journalist’s job to report whatever they’re able to find. I was fairly vocal on certain issues, which I had no problem sharing at the time,” he explained. 

Now, Tila Tequila’s baby daddy wants to make amends about his previous statements, saying their relationship wasn’t necessarily ideal, but it wasn’t in the worst of places either, and the statement in the Radar article claiming he was dumped by Tila due to his financial situation was “absolutely and totally untrue.” However, Whitaker admits that Tila remains “bitter” about the claims to this day and was “very hurt by the whole situation.” 

According to Whitaker, “she felt like I had betrayed her. I understand why. She was very hurt by that article at the time, and rightly so. That’s not the kind of person she is at all. I was working in the Tradeshow industry when we got together. The economy was still unstable, and I got laid off. I qualified for unemployment, but that’s just barely enough to get by. Tila helped take care of me. She helped pay my phone bill at times. She fed me. She put gas in my vehicle. She bought me clothes, and she even gave me money sometimes just to have.”

He explained that Tila would never have ended their relationship over money. “It’s just not in her character,” said Whitaker. In contrast, it’s true that a relationship isn’t always that simple, and there will always be obstacles which need to be worked around by both parties. Whitaker admitted that ending their relationship the first time was his decision. However, contrary to popular belief, “money wasn’t a factor, and people need to understand that,” shared Whitaker.

“I never told anyone in the media that Tila broke up with me because I had financial problems, and I can’t understand why anyone would have ever put that in print? It’s just not true,” he added. Despite the negative press that has been hurled at him, Whitaker had nothing but good words to say about Tila.

“Tila is an extremely generous person. She can also be very giving and caring when she wants to. We’ve got nine and a half years between us. Our daughter, Isabella, will be eight years old in November of this year. Tila loves Isabella, and she’s a great mother. We’ve lived together, and Tila takes very good care of her. I have no issues with how our daughter is being raised. Tila’s family are very good people, and they treat Isabella like a little Queen. Our child wants for nothing, and she’s loved dearly by all of her family.”

He also acknowledged that there were a lot of problems between the two of them, “but those things don’t define either of us,” he maintained. “We’ve had a lot of really good times together as well. I understand that people have very negative opinions about her because of how she presents herself and behaves online. I get that, but opinions are like noses. Everybody’s got one. We have a child together. I love my daughter with all of my heart, and I will always have love for Tila as a person because she’s Isabella’s mother. I’ve taken a lot of criticism about that over the years, but it is what it is, and that’s not going to change.”


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