Changes in the entertainment sector are desperately needed, even in times like these. Numerous scripts and stories are being remixed and remade superhero tales, and popcorn flicks are all around us. Virtually, there’s very little that’s new under the sun. Accordingly, Victor Migalchan is one of those professionals with top-notch content that Hollywood desperately needs.

Victor Migalchan is a director and showrunner based in Los Angeles, California. He is referred to as a “business tycoon” by the Hollywood times. To analyze what can be done, discuss potential trends, and what they shall expect, Victor started a group of professionals with similar interests and goals. Additionally, he and his team have started working with legendary producer Edward Cologna and his company, Cologna Productions. Together, they are producing original, wholesome, uplifting, and instructive content that will start a new revolution in the entertainment industry. 

For Victor and the team at Cologna Productions, this endeavor isn’t just a business. It is a way of building up the nation’s youth and the world’s future. One of the best investments in the world is education and knowledge. Therefore, the team behind Victor makes an effort to invest in and develop worthwhile TV projects and films as media has become one of the most influential forces in younger generations today.

So far, the two shows they have created are entitled Educational Reality Show Life Academy and On Air Talent Show, two masterpieces that have entertained and inspired audiences. Life Academy offers lessons the younger generation needs to learn, including finance, tax, money, mental and physical health, communication, appearance, and respect for others. This way, the group hopes to encourage good practices, such as working together to create something valuable, patriotism, love for their country, this beautiful land, an appreciation for the military, and respect for national symbols. 

Victor interacts with accomplished individuals from every sector to build more meaningful partnerships. As a result, they are creating platforms for young people who are not corrupted by negative ideas or money, making them confident that these kids will never be on their knees. 

The talent show On Air seeks to identify new talents and give them a platform to shine. They have a lot of gifted children who they are currently building up to be tomorrow’s stars. The group came to life after the leaders of the group noticed how disconnected various communities in the performing arts and creative industry are. Victor had no trouble interacting with various cultural groups since their trust has been earned during years of hard work, having professional team and accomplishments. Accordingly, together with Edward Cologna, he has succeeded at building these bridges, a healthy atmosphere, and professional platforms that connect communities with Hollywood. The next step for everyone after the first season of both shows are done is to compete for Emmy Awards. The winners will not only receive prizes and  recognition but  also valuable connections with Hollywood agencies and also a chance to compete for Creative Industry Awards, held in the UK. So many outstanding individuals have joined the team, including people like Adela Guerra, ISHA, Alex Mosendz, Tru.P, Dr. Marwan Chahayed, Ego Mikitas, Steve Jacques, Magi Avila, Clark Tang, Alina Z, Monique and Princess Vashion. Their support and expertise is very important for both shows and it makes them predestined to be successful. 

The team is delighted that the initiatives they began have generated interest and gathered many strong, intelligent, influential, and like-minded people. As a result, Victor expects these shows to expand in the upcoming years, improving their quality and reach while further solidifying its position in the market.


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