Before Catherine Wei started her permanent makeup tattoos, she had one goal in mind— to provide transformative services that would give her clients a renewed sense of confidence. Today, her brand, Catt Ink, has consequently become one of the most in-demand Ombre Brow tattoo artists in the Orange County, California area. 

Catherine Wei, or known as Cat Wei among her circles, is the owner and principal artist for Catt Inks LLC, a permanent makeup boutique rising in demand and popularity in the Orange County area. The company’s mission is to empower people through its transformative process of permanent brow tattoos. “I love helping my clients regain their self-confidence and self-image with the help of a little makeover,” shares Cat Wei. “Brows will always be my favorite beauty enhancement because it’s magical to see how brows have the power to reconstruct someone’s face and change how they view themselves more positively.”

In the beauty industry, permanent brow tattoos have grown in popularity. Some people have gotten these tattoos for reasons like difficulty growing brow hair, uneven brows, or scars in the brow area that they want to cover. Then some get brow tattoos for practical reasons, seeking to save significant time from having to draw their brows multiple times a day. Whatever reason there is, companies like Catt Ink have been busy finishing Ombre brows.

Particularly, Cat Wei has become an artist that’s unquestionably on the local beauty industry map. She hasn’t really been around long, but she has already served several hundreds of clients through her small practice. Within just two years, she has already created over seven hundred brow tattoos, a feat that’s not very common in small market areas. Most of Catt Ink’s clientele has come via word of mouth. “Many of my clients recognize my work because they know someone or have seen someone who was one of my past clients,” shares Cat Wei. “I’ve had clients tell me how they found me by stopping a random girl at the store who had their brows done by me.”

On top of her brow styling business, Cat Wei has also expanded her services to the beauty education space, helping other people start their own brow tattoo business as well. Cat shares how her mission has expanded to helping other artists succeed in the beauty industry by elevating their artistry. She has already guided, taught, and coached many aspiring and existing PMU (permanent makeup) artists. For the instructor and brow artist, her education arm is another way to help strengthen her overall mission of transforming faces. In the process, she enjoys sharing her insight and experience with like-minded people. 

Catt Ink has already trained artists from various states around the country. Cat Wei hopes to expand her influence soon. Her love for expanding her art nationwide or even worldwide coincides with her love for travel. She has already visited various parts of the country and hopes to travel abroad as soon as tourism stabilizes post-COVID-19. To learn more about Catt Ink and check out Cat Wei’s brow work, visit her Instagram profile.


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