Anna Goryacheva, one of the must-watch names in the music industry, is among those purpose-driven personalities who have risen through the ranks, cementing a reputable stance across the realms of music and entertainment. Today, she is widely acknowledged not only for her distinctive artistry and impeccable discography but also for her passion for catalyzing change and transforming lives through the power of music.

This multi-talented artist, who is widely recognized as a charismatic soloist, is currently making waves thanks to her cause-oriented initiatives to inspire others and change the world. Aspiring to serve as an instrument of transformation to many young hopefuls worldwide, this power player is truly more than what meets the eye.

Born in the former Soviet Union, Anna Goryacheva always had an incredible affinity for music. This power player began carving her musical path at the age of seven when she took up professional music studies at the Kaliningrad Special Music School for gifted children. Two years later, Anna managed to establish her first breakthrough outside of Russia when she made her orchestral debut in Hungary. On top of that, Anna also performed her first philharmonic recital with Kaliningrad State Symphony Orchestra. In the same year, she appeared as a soloist with Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra on its concert tour in Eastern Europe. Proving to be an emerging force in the field, Anna proceeded to harness her potential professionally by graduating from Gnessin Academy of Music and earning a master’s degree with high distinction at the Thornton School.

Over the years, Anna Goryacheva has proven herself worthy of her reputable stance across the industry. She received multiple grants from major music foundations and became a prize-winner of numerous international competitions and awards. Having performed across the globe, Anna is truly a gem to keep in this highly cutthroat industry.

Currently, Anna Goryacheva is working on the release of her new single entitled “I’m Going to Make a Cake,” which is a piece featuring Philip Glass’ music, the beautiful soundtrack from the “Hours” movie. “This piece is based on repetitive sounds and rhythms, which is an excellent example of Glass’ approach to music,” shared Anna. “The hypnotic and incrementally unfurling nature of Glass’ music makes the single gorgeous and moving,” she added. The single is set to drop on May 11, 2022.

Apart from her latest recording, Anna Goryacheva is also expected to release an album entitled Summer Nights soon. The debut album is built around the works of Chopin, Satie, Debussy, Liszt, and Glass.

At the core of this star’s rise to fame lies her ultimate desire to become a source of motivation for many musical artists around the globe. Many young individuals have struggled to find their place in this world, and Anna Goryacheva aims to send across a powerful message that they are not alone in the process; that they can express what they feel through music. Through her powerful playing and impactful interpretations, she hopes to translate her purpose-driven vision into reality.


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