Seeking success overseas is an age-old strategy that has worked for many people, especially creatives looking for opportunities for success in the United States of America. Like others who have continued on this path, Ayush Soni is a creative content creator, producer, storyteller and filmmaker who left his home country of India to find success in the American media industry. He adopted the route of hard work from a very young age, and took on multiple jobs across different cities to find the perfect spot to fit in.

After moving to the US and taking up filmmaking as a full-time job, Soni has created and grown an impressive portfolio. He has worked and collaborated with notable people who have won Academy Awards. A lot of work he’s been a part of has received rave reviews from critics and viewers, and he looks forward to putting his best foot forward in future projects so his name can go down as one of the best filmmakers American Media Industry has seen.

Beyond producing and making films, Soni is an expert at personal branding. He has worked on brand building for many influencers in the United States, including Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil.

“Ayush is a filmmaker at heart – a natural storyteller. This spills into his work as a Producer. His creations are not random, but rather follow a storyline, which results in content that is extraordinarily engaging. He’s a true talent. Plus, he’s a gem of a human being, which makes creating content as a team all the more pleasurable!” -Adarsh Vijay Mudgil (The Dr. Mudgil Podcast)

He helps personal brands tell their stories to captivate their audience and make them more relatable. He has also worked with small and medium-sized businesses such as gym owners, restaurateurs, brokers and chefs in building their brands using storytelling and social media. Soni is committed to using his skills in a multidimensional manner that takes any entity he works with from ground zero to the highest points possible. As a creative content producer and entrepreneur, Soni is creating a fusion point for all his abilities under one umbrella to service multiple personal and business entities.

The Ayush Soni brand is known for using strong analogies and compelling storytelling to convey the most effective messages about these brands. His industry connections, which include award-winning talents and creators, give his brand the needed fuel to take a grandstand in the entertainment scene. Soni always had the dream of making things happen for himself and others. Following his dreams as a filmmaker and creative producer has enabled him to bring other people’s dreams alive and, in turn, entertain people and expose them to the right brands. 

“Doing all of this feels surreal when you look at where I come from. It’s tough out there, but I want people to see me and think about how possible it is to come from dirt and still stay above ground just by pursuing one’s dreams. I’m that guy, and I hope my story inspires thousands,” Soni says.

With his presence gradually sweeping through the entertainment world, Soni hopes to make a name for himself throughout North America and beyond. He also hopes to play a role in building a new generation of media and creative entrepreneurs focusing on filmmaking and brand building. Giving back is at the top of his list, and he hopes to do enough of that in due time. “I think the best analogy always wins,” he says.

Learn more about Ayush Soni on his official Instagram page or LinkedIn profile.  


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