Arguably, one of the inventions that changed the world is the camera lens. This single most crucial tool can freeze time, record historical moments, generate art, tell beautiful stories, and communicate messages that transcend language and communication barriers like nothing else ever conceived. Over the years, the art of photography and cinematography has dramatically evolved, innovations in technology making it an essential part of everyone’s life. However, only a few creative individuals, such as Abbas Rizvi, conceptualize the story behind the lenses to bring the pictures and videos to life with exceptional skills, creativity, and innovation. 

Abbas Rizvi is a young talented individual in the world of photography and cinematography, consistently taking the industry by storm and “wow” ing clients around the globe by taking breathtaking, timeless and creative photographs and videos, whether it is for weddings, celebrity photoshoots, commercial projects or capturing significant events for over a decade. For Abbas, photography is more than just a hobby; it is art infused with love and dedication to excellence.

He is never tired of getting a job done during any waking hour. In fact, according to him, photography is a fantastic medium for self-exploration. He has traveled nationally and internationally, taking timeless pieces and telling heartfelt stories through photos and videos of events from New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Virginia, Maryland in the United States to commercial shoots in Pakistan, Poland, & Italy. 

In his creative journey, Abbas has specialized in every aspect of photography and videography, offering his clients the very best images and videos no matter how arduous the task at hand. One specialty that has earned him the enviable position of an internationally acclaimed photographer and cinematographer is his unique perspective and innovativeness in wedding shoots – traditional weddings in America and the very best Hindu and Muslim wedding services. His keen attention to every detail captures every special moment and activity, collating an album of visual memories that the couple will forever cherish.

Abbas Rizvi’s creative skills as a photographer and cinematographer do not just focus on weddings and events. He also works with models and celebrities worldwide, building their portfolios through videos and shoots. His work has been brought to life through multiple magazines and media outlets across the United States. He has also worked closely with celebrities, including Pakistan actress Armeena Khan, Bilal Abbas Khan, or capturing Atif Aslam, using his skill and craftsmanship to create stunning photography. 

His exclusive and thorough approach guarantees the best possible results, while innovative techniques and high-quality equipment mean he can create genuine artistic images with every project. In the coming years, Abbas Rizvi wants to continue honing his photography, cinematography and editing skills to capture the best moments. He also wants to venture into filmmaking and create magic for the silver screen in Hollywood.

To learn more about Abbas Rizvi, book a session and view his portfolio, visit his official website. You can also stay updated with him through Facebook or Instagram.


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