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“RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Bosco has revealed herself as Seattle’s “demon queen.” In coming out as trans in an Instagram post on February 11, the drag performer has placed herself with Kerri Colby and Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté, one of season 14’s trio of groundbreaking trans women. 

Bosco, in an interview, talked about how her companionship with Kerri and Kornbread helped her confidence in revealing her identity. She spoke out about the struggles trans people in America continue to undergo in 2022, and what Ted, her highly regarded horse, thinks about her story thus far. 

When asked about how her life has been affected by her recent announcement, she replied, “It’s been lovely. Somebody described it as “taking the plunge,” which felt accurate. I’ve been fortunate; I’ve been out since the summer in Seattle, which lives in its own bubble. It never came up nationally. It would feel weird to not talk about it at this point, so I was grateful for the reaction.”

She further talked about her journey, saying that she has always been a “gender fluid person.” At a young age, her identity has been apparent, she says. “I was afraid of my family’s reaction if I wanted to pursue things further,” she continued. 

She had to contemplate things before going in for a decision of a lifetime. However, right now, with the support she’s getting, she told herself, “I can do this.” 

Talking about financial instability and anxiety over acceptance, she says, “It felt important to me to highlight that being a trans person, even in this time of extreme visibility, is really f—ing hard. I’m crazy privileged to have this queer platform and be known to the queer community in a way that allows me to feel safe, but I have so many trans women and trans men as friends who don’t get to navigate their life with the power that’s RuPaul’s Drag Race helping them. It felt necessary to talk about that. It’s fun for pop culture to look at it as this beautiful swan tale, but for a lot of people it’s bumpy, scary, and financially perilous.”

Kornbread and Bosco didn’t come out during the show’s season; however, they have planned to come out within the year of finishing the season. She added, “Kerri and Kornbread’s presence helped center me. They’re really cool people.”


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