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Calypso Artist Fede “Rich Rasta” Ruben Collaborates with Aria Noir Apparel


The beautiful Caribbean islands are home to some of the greatest and most influential genres of music. Sitting on the continental shelf of South America is the birthplace of calypso. Calypso is an Afro-Caribbean music genre that began in the nation of Trinidad and Tobago and spread throughout the West Indies. Similar to most Caribbean music, calypso has been used to express socio-political commentary as a form of protest during the colonial era. Over time, Trinidadian musical icons, such as Mighty Sparrow and Calypso Rose, were able to introduce calypso music to the international stage with its witty, satirical lyrics and upbeat rhythm. Now, Fede “Rich Rasta” Ruben is paying homage to his Trinidadian roots through his music by bringing it back with a modern twist.

Even though he’s currently based in Ontario, Canada, the retired chef is a Trinidadian at heart. With his Caribbean roots playing a huge influence on his artistry, Fede has always dreamed of representing his heritage on the global stage through his beats and lyrical artistry. In pursuit of his goals, the musical genius from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago is driven by his passion for his rich culture. Fede draws inspiration from calypso for his creative process and adds his own modern touch to it. He stayed true, however, to the raw essence of calypso by incorporating the use of a live band in his performances.

For Fede, moving to a different country helped him move closer to fulfilling his music goals. It has provided Fede many opportunities for him to introduce calypso and its rich history to a demographic that might not have been familiar with the genre before. Despite being far away from home, the lyrical mastermind proved that, through passion and determination, nothing is impossible. Fede also acknowledges that support from your peers and loved ones are essential to the journey. Recently, the talented recording artist bagged a huge international endorsement with Aria Noir, a Toronto-based apparel company that provides a unique selection of fashion sunglasses, designer shoes, sweaters, and more.

Fede believes that this partnership with Aria Noir is aligned with his brand as a musician “as it speaks of luxury and exclusivity but still authentic in its representation.”

“To me, Aria Noir just stands out,” the artist revealed.

Fede’s support and loyalty to the designer brand were enshrined in his hottest new music video entitled, “THE BOSS” where he was seen donning a pair of Aria Noir specs. “THE BOSS” is Fede’s one of the highest streamed songs and most viewed music videos on YouTube, garnering 51,556 views as of April.

With summer fast approaching, the renowned musical artist has a lot of projects and ventures lined up for his many fans and supporters. Aside from more future collaborations with Aria Noir, “Rich Rasta” will also be continuing to promote his upcoming and highly-anticipated album. Fede and his crew are also looking forward to his annual SOCA Boat Party called “SOCA in MUSKOKA” in mid-August. Truly, Fede has come a long way from his humble beginnings to representing his roots on the international stage. It’s exciting to see where the thriving artist will be in the years to come.

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