Eyebrows have become a global obsession for both men and women. With so many trends regarding what is considered to be a crucial beauty staple, establishing a name in the eyebrow industry seems to be a tremendous feat. But not for Catt Inks LLC. The brand has introduced and pioneered a new technique in the permanent makeup landscape, and it continues to empower people through its signature ombre powder brows.

Catt Inks is on a mission to empower people through the transformative process of achieving the perfect eyebrows. The brand is committed to raising their clients’ self-confidence and giving them a new image, believing that even the slightest difference made to a person’s eyebrows is pivotal. Furthermore, Catt Inks has formed a community of permanent makeup artists who continually learn under the brand’s tutelage.

People come to Catt Inks LLC for varied reasons. Some have difficulty growing brow hair, some have uneven brows, some do not know how to groom or draw their brows correctly, some want to hide scars in their brow area, and so much more. Catt Inks’ permanent brow not only adds to their clients’ beauty but also helps them fulfill their needs and desires. 

Before Catt Inks came into fruition, founder and CEO Cat Wei had already fostered an obsession to create perfect eyebrows. First, starting with eyebrows on herself, then for her sorority sisters back in college, and eventually realized that more women out there are looking for a more permanent solution that would give them the perfect eyebrows for their facial features. As the number of women asking Cat Wei for eyebrow advice grew, so did her determination to build a brow bar that would genuinely provide clients with what they need instead of giving them a one-size-fits-all kind of service.

“My obsession with brows has led me to develop my signature style ombre powder brows,” shared the founder. “I have always been intrigued with brow shapes and styles growing up and now continue to obsess over transforming eyebrows. When I first started the brand, all of my time and money was invested into perfecting the craft. Once I developed my signature style, my work attracted my clients and students. What makes Catt Inks unique is that we strive for quality work and an uplifting experience,” Cat Wei added.

The founder further explained that everyone’s brow is unique. So Catt Inks strives to personalize every service to fully suit their clients’ face shape and bone structure. In addition, Catt Inks believes that beyond aesthetics, brows have the ability to change someone’s aura. Hence, the brand works hard to ensure that every brow matches their clients’ diverse and awesome personalities.

“I want everyone who walks out of my door with more confidence than what they came in with. It is important that they have a good experience working with me as it takes both parties to communicate and get to their desired results,” explained the founder. 

In five years, Cat Wei aims to take Catt Inks to greater heights. The founder aims to open two permanent makeup studios and work side-by-side with PMU artists who are as passionate about using permanent makeup services to uplift people’s confidence. Cat Wei is currently training and mentoring artists to hone the next generation of PMU artists who will conquer the industry in the future. Learn more about Catt Inks LLC on Instagram.


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