Daniel Kivo is an expert in human resource and recruitment, so he knows that any organization can raise a huge amount of capital with the latest tech tools. But without personnel who have been trained properly or skilled employees already working for them, it won’t take off. That’s why Daniel takes no chances when it comes to proper training and development his team members need.

Daniel is a strategic talent sourcing expert with experience in helping organizations achieve their goals. He believes that without people, an organization will never be able to grow and enhance itself to its full potential.

Over the course of his career, he has taken up leadership roles, which gave him even more insight  into what makes employees happy at work or satisfied about being there every day.  As one might expect from someone doing human resources related jobs throughout different companies over time, Daniel knows plenty of tricks and tips about making sure your workforce stays engaged while also working toward company success. Daniel’s belief in the importance of investing in people is what drives him to constantly provide training, motivation and encouragement.

His first experience with human resource management was when he joined the U.S Navy as a Human Resources Specialist from May 2010 to June 2014 in Okinawa, Japan. There, he learned about training and development initiatives that can greatly improve productivity within an organization. In Japan, he had to manage 15,000 sailors, and he worked with a team of other officers that ensured their basic benefits were delivered on time—including payroll processing for the military as well as medical coverage and housing services, among other things.

After finishing his contract with the U.S Navy, Daniel pursued a degree at Vanguard University in Communication and then went on to earn a Masters’ degree for Human Resources from Claremont Graduate University.

After that he joined Showdown Events, where worked for two years as a Sales Executive before becoming  a recruiter for Link Consulting from 2016 to 2017 and Talent Manager for Ace Parking for years.

In 2019, after acquiring a wealth of experience in human resource management and taking on new challenges for his own business sake, Daniel founded Hire VA Now. His company helps businesses find competent virtual assistants who could fill any role needed to advance an organization’s plans through eCommerce, web development, or digital marketing, among other services.

Daniel is very particular about his company’s screening process. In a single week, they get thousands of applications from freelancers, and the Hire VA Now staff makes time to interview them before deciding who will be in the top 1%. With 24/7 support for clients’ needs with no stress attached along with an excellent work ethic, this group has made it possible for many people to earn money on their own schedule without worrying too much while getting all the services they need.

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