There is only one word to describe the 23-year-old Southern California musical artist, and that word is Honest. Meaning that any word coming out of his mouth or written on paper is authentic and meaningful at heart. His full name is Gibson Gabriel Gabe Griffin Gerace, notably known as Gabe Griffin.

Mr. Griffin believes in following his dreams, and the perfect time is now! In fact, the reason you are reading this article is because he decided to take a jump forward into an endless world of possibilities, and he hopes you will too! Gabe’s music invokes people who want to escape reality; for people who want to have a new experience; for people who want to hear about journeys and miseries; and for people who envision a world of different possibilities for all.

At age 17, Gabe began composing music just before graduating high school. When he had finished college in 2020, he focused on growing his musical career by taking it more seriously and connected with Bailey Rae Harrison, co-founder of Ruby Entertainment Group, LLC. Combining his poetic lyrics, exquisite musical composing, and desire to share his art with the world, Gabe has created an identity that will shape who he is as an individual in the music industry. 

To elaborate, Gabe engages with individuals who enjoy reputable music that differ from today’s radio hits. The music portrayed by Mr. Griffin is meant to uphold positive, meaningful imagery for the listeners that may appeal to any gender or age group. Mr. Griffin’s motto is that if he can’t present himself in an appropriate and mature fashion in Sunday School, it is not a part of Gabe Griffin. He carried on with this approach when creating his music to leave an impression that he cares about everyone, not just a particular group of people he wants to impress. 

Gabe considers himself a stand out from today’s artists striving to become successful since he makes music for himself, not for other people! Understanding that when you make music for other people, you often strive to create art that you think people would like, leading to similar-sounding songs with no heart and creativity.

“Music is subjective! You will never know what someone likes unless they listen to it, and you should share music that is a part of who you are. Artists cannot let what others think dictate how you approach your creative side.” 

– Gabe Griffin’s Mindset on Music 

Being an artist who desires to be known for his honesty and heartfelt music, Mr. Griffin believes that one can only know where he sees himself at the present moment because that is the only part they have some control over. 

“All this hard work in creating music and sharing it with others may not work out in my favor, but I will never know unless I take a leap forward today, not tomorrow, not next year, but right now!”

-Gabe Griffin’s Outlook on Following a Dream


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