After over two years of lockdowns and crisis, the Cannes Film Festival this year has been revitalized as people from the film industry and all over the world gained new confidence amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Some films and personalities at the event have inspired and turned heads, including Liudmyla Tkachenko, a recognizable name rising through the ranks among new stars. 

Fashion model Tkachenko graced the recent Cannes Film Festival 2022 wearing a stunning dress by a Ukrainian designer. Of course, as a Ukrainian herself, it was only fitting that she would wear something to signify hope for her country in these trying times, so the message was personal more than anything. 

“I grew up in Ukraine and started my modeling career there as well,” she shared. “Since then, I have experienced modeling in many different countries worldwide, including Asia, Europe, United States.” Tkachenko is now enjoying the fruits of her labor as an influencer and businesswoman. Over time, she has gained over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She is also the rising entrepreneurial wonder behind FlexUp, a retail activewear brand made by women for women. On top of these, she has also appeared on the covers of high-end publications like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, New York Fashion Week, and several big brand commercials.

Tkachenko’s work as a model, however, has been her hallmark so far. Her big break as an influencer came from modeling primarily. She has worked with many of the world’s biggest brands, with more companies showing interest in a partnership. At this point, Tkachenko admits that she is enjoying this phase of her career. “It’s an interesting industry, and I’m enjoying it; I like to influence people for a positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

But the model and influencer is the first to admit that getting to where she is today has been far from easy. As an immigrant, she shared that she had to work extremely hard for every milestone— and so far, all her efforts have paid off. The hardships served as a training ground for Tkachenko. One of her greatest lessons was how time is the most valuable thing. So she strived to make the most of every minute and moment, leaving nothing to chance by wasting any opportunities. Despite all her shortcomings and setbacks, Tkachenko says she would not change anything in her past, emphasizing that her mistakes have also been her defining moments.

The rising fashion model has also put a premium on authenticity. She believes staying true to oneself is the best way to self-discovery and success. Additionally, she hopes her story will inspire other young and aspiring models and influencers to chase after the life they have always dreamed of and stop at nothing to make them come true.

The modeling world continues to take a toll on Tkachenko— constant traveling, dietary failures, lack of rest, and demanding work schedules. Still, she has learned to keep a healthy balance of work and life and continues to enjoy the entire process no matter how hard things get. With how things are looking up for her, Liudmyla Tkachenko looks forward to continuing her journey into greatness.


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