It’s no secret that beauty and confidence go hand-in-hand. There are countless ways to unlock a woman’s natural beauty, but none are more luxurious than what Skinovatio Medical Spa has to offer. Built from scratch by high-value women of the same caliber, the fully woman-owned medical spa has kept itself busy in aid of female empowerment.

Business partners Katarzyna Vigneau Sallam and Aleksandra Waibel are the visionary entrepreneurs behind Skinovatio Medical Spa. The two women have built a brand that is rooted in excellence no matter which way you look at it. Right from the get-go, they have sworn to provide innovative services through state-of-the-art equipment and excellent customer service that come along with a relaxing atmosphere. 

Skinovatio Medical Spa is all that and more. Through the brilliant staff and the leadership of Katarzyna and Aleksandra, the company has become a staple in the Illinois medical spa scene. Through its use of innovative technology in cosmetic medicine, it has become a place of relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration that has quickly become a massive favorite among women everywhere. 

Skinovatio Medical Spa has quickly become the ideal go-to medical spa for beauty, confidence, and wellness. Through its unique offerings of multiple aesthetic services, the brand has helped many women attain confidence within themselves. The company provides a host of high-quality services such as injectable cosmetics, derma fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, Endermologie®, i-Lipo™, VelaShape®, and Emsculpt, among others. 

In their mission towards empowerment through beauty, the esteemed founders of Skinovatio Medical Spa have opened their doors to franchising. The brand itself has garnered acclaim amongst women everywhere. Being 100% women-owned, it has increasingly become an exciting opportunity for lady entrepreneurs to stake their claim in the business industry.

With the massive growth of the beauty and wellness industry, medical spas have been front and center in leading the charge towards further progress. Skinovatio Medical Spa stands at the forefront of this long-standing journey offering different procedures for a franchise fee as low as $30,000. Lady entrepreneurs are given a choice to transform their existing spas into a medical facility or opt to establish a new location. 

To maintain the Skinovatio brand’s pristine image, franchisees will get access to intensive training, coaching, and compensation. Katarzyna and Aleksandra actively assist their investors in scouting the right location, establishing their inventory, real estate, building square footage, lease expiration, employees, facilities, competition, growth and expansion, and support and training, to mention a few. 

The Skinovatio Medical Spa franchise has currently dominated five key locations within the Illinois area: Arlington Heights, Barrington, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and Western Springs. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The founders’ long-term vision for the brand involves having Skinovatio Medical Spa all across the United States to serve more clients and improve their lives significantly.

Ultimately, Skinovatio Medical Spa has cemented itself as a worthy investment due to its extremely professional services throughout all of its main locations. Discerning clients have been known for choosing the brand over its competitors for its excellent customer service, competitive prices, state-of-the-art technologies, and strategic key locations.

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