The music scene often welcomes new players now and then into the industry. But most times, many of these artists tend to drown in the noise. From time to time though, artists like Half a Bar pop into the landscape and introduce music that revolutionizes local and even global music. Accordingly, that’s what this Nigerian musical artist and executive aims to keep doing with his brand of music for the foreseeable future. 

Matthew Ezeigbo, otherwise known as the Nigerian musical artist Half a Bar, is a fast-rising icon in the US music scene. His sensational brand of music and profound knowledge, and knack for the music business has helped him scale his reputation in record time. He’s also the CEO of MatteyeRecords, a label that looks to introduce the world to a whole lineup of artists, like Tremor no Shaking, that deliver something fresh and stirring. 

In the beginning, Matthew started off in music as nothing more than a hobby. “I just really loved music,” shares the artist. “But then my friends and family started to push me to take it more seriously, and I did.” Since then, Half a Bar has not looked back. Instead, he’s taken what musical prowess he has and tossed it all into the mix. Everything started with one single, entitled “The Finest,” which Half a Bar released early last year. The song took off almost instantly. The musical artist then later released another track called “Don’t Leave Me,” helping propel Matt’s music to new heights.

Half a Bar takes pride in his roots, emphasizing his Nigerian descent. He believes in bringing his culture pride and fights non-stop for more opportunities for artists of color. He hopes that his label will become a platform for more artists who have been shunned simply because of their upbringing. Also, it helps that he understands both the social plight and musings of a hungry artist. 

Moreover, Half a Bar is an artist who brings a unique rap style into the mix. He grew up listening to pretty staple artists, including Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Rick Ross, and Mr. Incredible, to name a few. But he took that background and forged a new form of hip hop music that he hopes will start a new line of music that will continue for generations. Matthew matches that artistic gift with a deep knowledge of how the music business works. He’s an entrepreneur and avid investor who likes to listen to consumer insight and use that to develop opportunities for artist and brand growth. Half a Bar likes to think of music as another “crude oil” that can flourish if more people invest in top-quality music. 

Half a Bar hopes that Matteye Records can help channel more resources into Nigerian Music. “There are sounds from this genre that the world hasn’t heard yet,” shares Half a Bar. “Hopefully, in time, we can launch this type of music into the mainstream.” Despite all that he has accomplished, the Nigerian hip-hop artist maintains that he is just getting started and hopes to take his music, label, and peers to the next level very soon. Learn more about Half a Bar by checking out his Instagram profile.


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