Fans of the HGTV show Love It or List It, a television series that features homeowners who go through a major home renovation either deciding to “Love It” and stay or after touring several other homes on the market decided to sell, move and ultimately “List It”. 

One of the show’s fan favorites was celebrity contractor Eric Eremita. But exiting the show after close to 80 episodes, fans want to know where he is and what’s next for him?

Hey HGTV is Eric getting his own show?? The fans want to know and they want to know now! 

Before joining Love It or List It, Eric also appeared on another popular HGTV show entitled Brother vs. Brother, which features the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, who go head to head to see what brother would become champion of the renovation challenge. Eric was one of Drew’s best top contractors and picked up a significant role in the show. While he didn’t win the competition, the big win was becoming the one & only general contractor on HGTV’s Love It or List It. He instantly became an integral part of Hilary Farr’s “Team Love It” and would go on to renovate homes for an audience of more than 17 million viewers globally. 

When the fifteenth season aired, fans noticed that Eric was no longer part of the crew. “Talk about a major disappointment” “The show hasn’t been the same since” “Eric needs his own show” “We miss him so much” Exclaims multiple fans. 

But after dedicating five years of his life to the show, Eric is now ready to take on the next chapter of his life. He was picked up by BUCHWALD one of Hollywood’s largest talent agencies, has written several television shows, an upcoming book, and will be putting on his cap as a producer & director in the near distant future. He also has a passion project in the works called “HOME-BOYS” that showcases teaching a younger apprentice the home renovating and interior design ropes. While turning houses into dream homes. Stay Tuned it’s going to be a first of its kind! 

In recent times, the celebrity contractor has taken to another passion of his and that is fashion. The contractor and television personality launched Thirteen by Eric Eremita, that instantly became a fan favorite at NYFW. His apparel line features a wide selection of custom designed throwback denim couture jackets, shirts, hoodies, caps and much more, which are now available for order online. 

As a self-taught interior designer and contractor from Staten Island, New York. Eric Eremita grew up with an extremely creative mind always wandering into various concepts. His creativity is very much indeed a huge part of his identity and is constantly thinking of innovative approaches. Today, he exemplifies that through Thirteen’s deep lineup of casual and dressy products geared up to become the next iconic fashion brand. 

“Our designs cater to men, women and children,” explains Eric Eremita about Thirteen’s products. “We will also be including a couture line with one-of-a-kind pieces made just for you, so stick around. There are a lot of exciting things going behind the scenes.”

After going into show business, Eric had to make a lot of sacrifices. He sold his contracting business, Town & County Design and Development and spent a lot of time away from his family. With this new season upon us he looks forward to building and creating something to call his own and allowing him more time and freedom to be around people who matter most to him. Yet, in retrospect, Eric has nothing but gratitude for what Love It or List It brought him.

“It’s been a wild ride,” he said. “I never expected in my lifetime that I would be changing careers, indirectly.”

Fans will also know that Eric fought with COVID-19 at one point. He would end up admitted into Staten Island University Hospital in March of 2020 spending 16 days out of 30 on a ventilator but would make a full recovery. Today, Eric is pouring his life into projects that matter to him. He continues to take on contracting and designing projects on top of his new fashion business.

But HGTV you’re not off the hook quite yet, you definitely have some questions to answer! 

To keep track of Eric Eremita and his new endeavors, follow him on Instagram or check out Thirteen by Eric Eremita’s online shop.

Agent: Scott Kaufman 


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