Guided by the adage that hospitality begins from within, sought-after trainer, book author, and motivational speaker Lisa J. Crawford has been actively reshaping the hospitality industry by teaching leaders and their employees the value of healing from within. With more than 20 years in the hospitality industry, she is an influential positive force who effectively establishes solid communication between leaders and their employees, advocating that the first customers of executives are their employees. Just as employees can make or break a company with their performance, she strongly believes that leaders also have the capacity to make or break their employees. 

Lisa J. Crawford is the CEO of LJC Motivations, which has enabled her to reach out to millions of people from across the globe and give them her exceptional message of hope, inspiration, and comfort. Throughout the course of her colorful career in the hospitality industry, she endeavored to discover why businesses have difficulty retaining their employees. Lisa took time to learn why employees leave, and she has perfected the process of evaluating situations in the service industry to zero in on solutions that will keep employees from leaving their employers. No matter what angle she looks at it from, her conclusions would always lead her to her personal belief that hospitality begins from within.

The native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has a business degree in Organizational Management from Bethel University. Early on, she only dreamed of becoming a best-selling author. Little did she know that she would also be called to share her story of inner healing from a life trauma. After discovering she has a gift in imparting hope to people who are emotionally wounded, Lisa established her advocacy for victims of sexual abuse. While she focuses mostly on encouraging women, she also speaks to a variety of audiences to help them process their trauma and deal with their struggles confidently and effectively. 

Having experienced trauma herself as a young girl, Lisa understands the difficulty that victims of sexual abuse go through even through adulthood. By sharing her unique and inspiring story, she aspires to show others a way out of their emotional prison. And as they find a path towards healing, they, too, can be liberated from the clutches of their painful past. 

Lisa is the co-author of the book Speaking My Truth, a collection of life-changing experiences of various women that are intended to inspire others to step out of the shadows and find the strength to open up about their trauma. The book has been praised for its impact on the lives of countless readers worldwide, sparking hope for trauma victims who continue to find a way to recover from their terrible experiences. Lisa also has a book entitled  Silent Screams: Releasing Life’s Experiences Through the Healing Power of the Written Word. This book is her life story of trauma using short stories. 

Having found a unique sense of fulfillment in the career path she has chosen, Lisa sees herself helping more hospitality management companies by training both their executives and employees to build a solid culture, vision, and mission together. By bridging the gap between these two groups, she believes that organizations will be able to achieve more. 

Discover more about Lisa J. Crawford by visiting her website. Check out her Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on her latest projects.


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