Breast implants and augmentation aren’t always seen in a positive light. Some people see it as superficial, but Tucson Plastic Surgery sees things with a different lens. Especially for the center’s practitioners, Dr. Silvia Kurtovic, MD and Dr. Raman Mahabir, MD, the practice brings hope to cancer patients. 

In their cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Mahabir and Dr. Kurtovic are motivated by the same thing— to help women who have had breast cancer gain a sense of hope and normalcy after mastectomies. “To us, what we do helps cancer patients and survivors regain a sense of wholeness following mastectomy,” shares Mahabir. The story is very similar for Silvia, who was inspired by her mother’s breast cancer surgery. They both have a deep connection for the world they do and are committed to providing award-winning and top-quality treatments to their patients because of this.

Raman was part of the team that successfully fought for the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act to be signed into law back in 2015. This year, he also helped write and support a bill that will help resolve Breast Implant Illness. For Dr. Kurtovic, her desire is for her practice to be a place of healing and acceptance, both physically and emotionally. Her values dictate that she creates judgment-free spaces for her patients, especially when they first walk into treatments. 

Tucson Plastic Surgery has become a symbol for top-tier cosmetic surgery in the region and nation. The practice’s surgeons are some of the most well-equipped, with a wealth of training and experience in restorative surgeries on their belts. The clinic’s work has attracted patients of many ages and backgrounds to help repair, enhance, and recover women’s breasts from breast cancer, genetic abnormalities, and other cases. The clinic uses a system that relies on natural tissue flap reconstruction, breast implant reconstruction, and 3D nipple tattooing to help women feel confident and gain a sense of closure. It has a perfect five-star rating on Google reviews with over 60 positive feedback from past patients. One patient writes, “The staff and doctors are first class. They make you feel welcome and comfortable. As a breast cancer patient, I was treated with extra care to ensure all decisions that were made were the best for my situation.”

Breast carcinoma is currently one of the leading forms of cancer among women. About one in every eight women will develop some form of breast cancer in their life. Of that number, many of them will have to get surgery or mastectomies that deform or remove women’s breasts. And while not every woman has issues with that, some fall into deep fear, social anxiety, and even depression because of their operations. Tucson Plastic Surgery seeks to change that narrative and help women move forward from the pain and fear of breast cancer. 

One of the more innovative offerings of Tucson Plastic Surgery is its fly-in surgery packages, which provide people who come to Tucson, Arizona, for tourism treatment with a complete and stress-free experience that involves lodging with one of the center’s partner hotels to help reduce operation-related anxieties and give patients a restful place to recover after surgery. Apart from being the epitome of quality treatments and top-rated results, Tucson Plastic Surgery embodies a compassionate culture that provides every patient with a sense of assurance, knowing that they’re in the hands of doctors that genuinely care for their patients.

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