Becoming a successful YouTuber isn’t an easy feat, but someone cracks the code every so often and creates a highly successful and profitable channel from scratch. One content creator that people should keep their eyes on is Jake Tran, who has created significant impact and mileage through his business video essays. 

Jake’s YouTube channel went live on January 31, 2014. When the YouTube creator started, he had one goal— to intrigue and educate people while also entertaining them through his content. From his early days as a video creator until today, Tran has already gathered over 522,000 subscribers and counting and reached over 36,000,000 lifetime views. Some of his top videos include topics like “Why do Chinese Billionaires Keep Disappearing?” (now at 1.3 million views), “Why Haven’t We Seen Hyperinflation?” (currently at 1.2 million views), “The Economics of the Mafia” (1.2 million views), and “How the Ultra Wealthy Evade Taxes with Fine Art” (1.3 million views), to name a few. 

What pushed Jake to start a YouTube channel around business and entrepreneurship was his favorite teachers’ influence on him. While in school, Jake Tran noticed that the educators that he and many other students resonated with most were those that would challenge people but still retain some level of entertainment. “The best educators who inspired us were the ones that made class challenging yet fun,” explains the YouTuber. “And that’s what I try to do in my videos. I believe  that if topics like business, money, economics, and power are important for the general public to know about, then it is our job to make this information as entertaining as possible while still giving them a great understanding of the subject.”

Jake didn’t have the easiest life growing up. His family moved from Saigon, Vietnam, to the Southern California area when he was only two years old. As a family on foreign territory, the Tran family went through some really tough times. “I distinctly remember my parents having to do everything they could to save money, like bringing in their own drinks into fast-food restaurants, splitting a burger with my sister from the Dollar Menu, and so on,” recalls Jake. 


But what early hardships did was teach Tran the importance of hard work and persistence. He resolved to get out of poverty and live a life far from his early days in the States. At school, he would struggle, often getting C’s because of the language barrier. But as he persevered and sought self-development, he would start catching up and get better grades when he reached high school, ranking number 11th in his class. In high school, Tran became heavily involved in Taekwondo. Becoming a full-time instructor and athlete while studying in high school. This was when he first stumbled across content creation and ended up starting a YouTube channel about Taekwondo. But it failed miserably. 

In college, Jake Tran excelled and was well on his way into a successful career in computer science but then his life turned upside-down.. After reading “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ Demarco through the recommendation of a friend, he realized in an instant that the traditional career path wasn’t for him. Tran started some businesses while going through college but all of them ended up failing. Then, he came across web development, which became a temporal form of success for him. Through that path, the entrepreneur would cross paths with YouTube one more time. He started the “Jake Tran” YouTube channel, which didn’t get a lot of traction at first. But after he made a video entitled “Why Graham Stephan is killing the YouTube Algorithm,” everything went uphill from there.

Today, Jake Tran continues to develop intriguing yet educational content that encapsulates people’s attention and goes viral. The creator looks forward to growing his influence and challenging people to stay curious and hungry. To learn more, visit Jake Tran’s YouTube channel.


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