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Keith Milo Lights Up Beverly Hills As He Dines At Famous Crustacean Restaurant For Super Bowl Weekend

      Los Angeles hosted this year’s Super Bowl at the newly built So-Fi stadium, boasting a crowd of 70,000 screaming sports fans and about $500 million in transactions. The whole city was even more packed with celebrities than usual, making it virtually impossible for any everyday, working-class people to secure  reservations. But when world class musician and pop phenomenon Keith Milo arrived in Beverly Hills in a black SUV, he and his entourage caused quite the stir before heading into the ever-famous and indubitably exclusive Crustacean restaurant.

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(Keith Milo casually donned an all black ensemble with a mesh netted shirt and silver jewelry)

      Fresh off the tail end of a trip to the Middle East, he arrived back in LA and immediately hit the nightlife circuit! Accompanying him for dinner was actress and screenwriter Mia’schanycia, as well as KC Fox, a media consultant and Keynote Speaker on several NFL panels throughout the weekend. Seemingly excited, Keith Milo teased to the paparazzi that the restaurant was “One of [his] absolute favorites!”

(KC Fox Exits The SUV Heading To Dinner)

      When asked about who he thought would win the Super Bowl, he said, “I’m not sure to be honest. I’ve just been working on my music lately.” While inside dining, sources say Milo performed acapella to the intimate crowd around the table and shocked the whole restaurant! The group was later seen at the late night wine bar Wally’s.

(Keith Milo poses with a fan on the street)

      I think all of this proves that if there’s a will, there’s a way! And Keith Milo has always got  a way! We look forward to hearing new masterpieces from this absolutely jaw dropping artist!

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