For the past 25 years, the Little King band has stuck together and built a successful music career that has seen the release of five full-length albums and two EPs. The band’s most recent album, Amuse De Q, was released on the 3rd of September, 2021. It is a seven-track tour-de-force that the band hopes will win over fans by exposing them to a unique blend of influences that range from Prog Rock to Grunge and Metal.  With incredibly proficient musicianship, erudite lyrics that bring a personal touch and refer to leader Ryan Rosoff’s experiences in the pandemic, Amuse De Q takes its place as a Must-Own album in 2021.

Two singles have already been released from the upcoming album titled “Keyboard Soldier, which was released on July 6, 2021, and “Bombs Away,” which was released on August 6, 2021. The music videos for the singles have also been released and have amassed over a hundred thousand views. All of the songs on the album are performed by the band members Ryan Rosoff (guitar and vox), Manny Tejada (bass and vox) and Eddy Garcia (drums). The band was supported by David Hamilton, who played the cello on three songs and Christina Hernandez, who played the violin on two tracks. Jessica Flores made her striking Little King don lead vocals on the song “How Could You?” which deals with the topic of domestic violence during the Quarantine, while Rosoff’s son Asher Syrinx’s keyboard skills shone through in the track, “Set It Down,” which also features Becca Gonzalez (is that really Amy Winehouse?) with haunting backup vocals and Bryan Bowles with the hand drums.

Little King Band was formed in November 1996 by Ryan Rosoff, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist in El Paso, Texas. Rosoff used to play the guitar in the seminal eclectic rock group Tweed Quickly before splitting to create his new group. Some of the band’s albums since it was formed include Transmountain (1997), Time Extension (1998), Virus Divine (2004), Legacy of Fools (2008), OD1 (2014),  Occam’s Foil (2019), and the upcoming Amuse De Q.

Twenty-five years as a band that has performed in many places and seen many members is not common in the music industry, but Ryan Rosoff expresses great pride at what the band has achieved over the years. The band targets every music lover who enjoys hard rock, prog rock, alt-rock, modern rock, metal, and indie rock. Songs from Little King are created to express deep lyrics that mean something and project a worldview that is humbling, loving, and progressive.

Rosoff was motivated to start the band because he felt that music was his most favored platform to share his vision and words with the world. With a BA in Creative Writing, he wanted to change the world one listener at a time through music and lyrics rather than short stories and novels. The band’s upcoming album is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in Ryan’s words, “The title is Amuse De Q and is based on all of the things I have witnessed and been inspired by during the Q…Quarantine, Questions, Quality, etc. All The Q,” he said.

Little King’s plans for the next few years include returning to the road and creating more music that people globally can relate to and enjoy. “I want the world to be exposed to some music that they might not have otherwise heard. I want Little King to become people’s favorite band,” Ryan said.

Learn more about Little King on the band’s official website.


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