With her legacy on music and entertainment, artist and entrepreneur Michele Mupo unveils MUPO Entertainment App to take this legacy to the next level. Alongside this new app, Michele and her team are also working on publishing an entertainment magazine quarterly to reach more upcoming artists and elevate the entertainment experience.

The entertainment industry has seen continued progress in the media and entertainment. After all, it has evolved and shifted quickly with ongoing trends and disruptions within the industry. This is what Michele Mupo is going for, to constantly keep up with the times and drive young artists with talent and potential to greater heights.

Michele Mupo, also known as Fuchsia, is recognized as a professional singer, songwriter, musician, and entrepreneur who made a name for herself playing and working with rock bands most of her career. She is a woman of many things; however, the journey to where she is now wasn’t easy.

After a stint as a dancer on Club MTV, Michele tried her hand at songwriting and ghostwriting for several recording artists who were then successful in reaching national recognition for the songs she wrote. Many of her songs would top charts. While it was a thrill to find her work being recognized by fans alike, she knew she wanted to be more than just the genius behind the songs and become the face of the song.

Things fell into place for her when she would eventually get signed by Cool Music, Inc. where she was endorsed by cool guitar pics and a production deal. Michele then signed a ten-year contract with music legend Rodney Jerkins Sr. before moving on to the next chapter.

Michele, more than just being a performer and talented songwriter, has always been into entrepreneurship and leading people. Hence, deciding to own MuTan Entertainment. She partnered with former WWE Diva Dawn Marie, recording artists and most recorded drummer Bernard Purdie and Carlene Tanner. She handled several talented rappers and artists unders it management, including Mumm Ra, Big City, Session, and Tony Hustle, who all still have rewarding and successful music careers until this day.

Afterwards, she sold this venture and started another company with Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie and Recorded Drummer Bernard Purdie which was MUDA Multimedia Entertainment. She then wrote a sitcom and decided to bring in Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie on an adult-oriented sitcom when Dawn Marie introduced her to Former WWE Diva Mickie James who was added to write as well. 

Starting her business while cultivating meaningful relationships with those around her made her life feel like she’s well on her way to success until January 18, 2011 where Michele’s life took a turn. She was assaulted on a train coming home from NYC where she was diagnosed as being permanently disabled, which led to her dissolving MUDA Multimedia Entertainment.

However, despite this life-changing experience, Michele knew there were so many things waiting for her. After her recovery, she came out of hiatus and gave it a try one more time. During COVID, many of her friends probed her to start a new company, so she did just that, duplicating the last company but as Michele said “10x ing that and adding digital TV.”

This is when MUPO Entertainment started. The vision for MUPO has always been to promote talented individuals in the music and entertainment realm. To achieve that goal, they created MUPO TV, a new streaming platform that will feature original content created by up-and-coming artists. The streaming service has talents from the USA, Canada, Italy, France, and Scotland as well.

Michele created what is now a widely-respected business that now offers full-service representation and management for its artist clients and personalities. More than that, she always goes back to her mission of “creating a difference in other people’s lives.” Michele Mupo hopes that her work will continue to pave the way for more upcoming artists and elevate entertainment experiences. She expressed, “I want to make dreams come true for people who never thought they could make it happen.” Her recent project, MUPO TV, hopes to accelerate that mission. MUPO TV will also help her towards her dream of buying buildings and putting all the homeless veterans and homeless families in homes where they can have a peace of mind and feel safe—Keep The Peace Project.

 The MUPO Entertainment App is available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Learn more about Michele and Mupo Entertainment by visiting their official website, MUPOTV.com, Instagram and Michele Mupo – IMDb. You can also visit their Linktree for more information.


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