For many people, it takes jumping from one career to another to find their calling. Others, unfortunately, will live life without ever falling deep into a craft, job, or profession. However, there are those who realized what they want to pursue after one fateful encounter. Joshua Isaiah Green, better known as Da$ly Foxx, watched American Deon Cole perform live in front of a sold-out crowd and seeing him under the spotlight lit a spark that would soon transform into a fire for music and entertainment. Today, the multi-faceted personality is carving a path toward the limelight, establishing a name as a comedian, singer, and rapper. 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Da$ly Foxx hails from a family whose interests revolve around the arts. So, given his background, it did not come as a surprise that he eventually ended up dipping his toes in the worlds of music and entertainment. But, it was in 2018 that he set his eyes on livening up spaces and entertaining crowds not only through songs but also through skits and comedy shows. 

“I accidentally stumbled upon a comedy show while walking around downtown Phoenix,” shared Da$ly Foxx. “I got to watch Deon Cole perform live in front of a sold-out audience. After seeing him perform, I immediately knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Heavily drawing inspiration from Deon Cole, Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Lil Duval, and Jamie Foxx, Da$ly Foxx began his journey in the entertainment field. In 2019, he started doing comedy skits, gaining a local following and piquing the interest of locals in Pennsylvania. For two years, he consistently posted weekly skits on Instagram and Tiktok, highly aware of the power of these social media sites in helping go-getters increase their visibility. Soon enough, he managed to capture the attention of Nick Cannon and DC Young Fly, both of whom were the main attractions of the hit show WildNOut. 

Over time, Da$ly Foxx’s love for entertainment extended to music. In 2021, he demonstrated that he has more up his sleeves by making bold moves in the rap scene. Amid a long string of challenges, one of which was the passing of his father, he persevered and went all-out in securing a spot in the competitive space. “I come from the struggle, and where I’m from never left me,” he said. “But, I’m ready to break that cycle. It doesn’t rain forever.”

Armed with a story to tell, he turned to rhythms and beats to connect with listeners. Now, he is known for his witty flows and distinctive artistry and continues to impress industry peers and fans alike with his musical growth and potential.  

The voice behind the tracks “Movin’ On” and “NipseyBlue,” Da$ly Foxx is currently working on his debut album titled “25.” Set to drop by the end of 2022, the album is expected to catapult him to greater heights and introduce his unique style to listeners all over the globe. 


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