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Music Artist Jessie Berg Emerges as One of the Most Genuine Singers of this Generation

The music industry today abounds with exceptional talents from across the globe, but not all of them possess authenticity when it comes to their personal brands and musical stylings. To make a lasting impact on the industry and music fans necessitates creating a brand that is not commonplace, one that carries a certain newness and a distinction that is hard to miss. Emerging music artist Jessie Berg did not fail in these attributes as she remains the artist that her fans love—ever-evolving but still genuine. 

The Los Angeles-born singer and songwriter attracted a lot of attention in 2021 when she released a series of singles that highlighted her unique vocal range and exceptional lyrical skills. Her songs are filled with raw emotions that a lot of music fans are able to relate with, awakening in them a sense of familiarity while also connecting with the artist as she reveals more of herself in her music. Jessie became a well-loved music personality, as evidenced by her more than two million streams and views on various streaming platforms. She has also received praise from various publications, including the Hype Magazine and Hollywood Life, among others. 

“I try to convey emotion through my voice,” Jessie revealed. “There are moments where I’m calm and chill, but I’m also hyperactive. There’s no in-between. I’m drastically different—either super relaxed or very energetic. Depending on the day, I’m everything.”

Jessie’s natural gift and love for music became observable when she was quite young, and it was her grandmother who first noticed that she had a unique voice when she sang in the car. She started to sing when the opportunity presented itself, took voice lessons, participated in a choir, and performed in musicals. About that time, she became deeply attracted to the music of Amy Winehouse. After finishing high school, Jessie immersed herself more in music and worked relentlessly in her cousin’s recording studio in her spare time to sharpen her writing and record her own songs. 

It was in 2019 when she finally decided to release her first single titled “Monster.” The remarkable debut single generated hundreds of thousands of streams, and The Hype Magazine praised her, saying, “Jessie Berg is a true model for women to feel empowered to talk about real issues, feelings, and ideas with confidence.”

After the release of her debut single, Jessie released the song “Faithful to Toxic” in 2021, which gained 224k streams on Spotify alone and 500k views on YouTube. 

Jessie worked with Jordan Omely and Mike Summers to refine what she wanted her music to sound like. “We didn’t think twice about anything,” she said. “The songs just came out immediately. We were all on the same page in terms of the writing and the production.”

Her song “Safe Space” followed the release of “Faithful to Toxic.” The song revealed a very sensitive season she went through, inspiring a lot of support from her fans, who easily connected with her struggles. 

“The song is about anxiety and the place I was in,” she admitted. “I was writing about myself in the past and how I used to experience crippling anxiety. When you’re that anxious, you can’t breathe. I would hold myself back. So, I kept myself in this safe space where I was in my own head, and I didn’t open up to people. I stayed in my bubble because I was comfortable.”

Jessie also released the emotional songs “Pray” and “Stages,” both receiving overwhelming reception and support from fans for their candid and thought-provoking messages. “When you hear my music, I want you to be like, ‘That was definitely Jessie,’” she explained. “It’s important for me to create a sound and vibe for myself. At the same time, I want to be a voice to make you a fee.”

There is no doubt that Jessie Berg’s lyrical skill draws heavily from her own deep emotions and personal struggles, making them highly relatable and relevant in today’s generation. As the rising star continues to maintain her genuine nature, she is bound to dominate the airwaves in the near future.

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