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Nick Laureano, the Multi-Talented Actor and Motivational Speaker Armed With the Mission to Inspire Other Go-Getters

Multidimensional and nuanced, people are not driven to succeed only by a single force. For most of the go-getters of the past and present, it’s always a combination of numerous factors, with some motivated by the vision of a financially stable future and others spurred on by the desire to create a legacy to be remembered in the generations to come. In the case of multitalented Nick Laureano, his all-out attitude toward establishing a name in multiple industries is fueled by the dream to influence, inspire, motivate, and serve as a beacon of light for those finding their way in life. Currently, he’s among the must-watch forces in the worlds of entertainment and personal development. 

A promising talent bearing the potential to become a prominent figure in the years to come, Nick Laureano originally hails from Brockton, Massachusetts. Not only is this widely accomplished personality and actor and influencer, but he’s also a motivational speaker and the founder of Only Motivated, a clothing brand launched under the overarching goal to represent and give a toast to those who know what’s it like to struggle and lose their way yet find the strength to overcome all odds.

The impressive purpose that stands at the heart of his venture doesn’t come as a surprise to the people who are familiar with Nick Laureano and his story. Like millions of people across the globe, he’s intimately privy to the challenges that life has to offer, and while these past experiences are rife with pain, he continues to keep them in mind as he goes the extra mile to influence those under his wing. 

In the years since he first started carving a path toward success, Nick Laureano has been able to snag numerous accomplishments under his belt. It’s inarguable that the heights he’s reached so far can be credited to his work as an actor, influencer, and entrepreneur, but it’s also undeniable that the 26-year-old self-starter managed to rise through the ranks because of his ability to guide others in the right direction. 

As a motivational speaker, Nick Laureano places a heavy premium on the importance of clinging to one’s long-held dreams and taking control of one’s life. “Giving up is so commonly spoken about,” the highly respected speaker shared. “We give up at first sight of failure and listen to the opinion of others, which leads us to lose our way and what we’ve worked hard for. I want people to understand that no matter how challenging life may seem, it does get better with the help of a strong motive and ambitious mindset.”

In the years to come, Nick Laureano intends to cement his position at the forefront of multiple sectors, from the entertainment industry and fashion scene to the personal development space. Setting his eyes on emerging as a top actor and motivational speaker, he will keep pouring his heart into leaving a mark in the lives of others.

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