There are numerous factors that push people forward to climb the ladder of success. Knowledge, skills, and practice are necessary to make an individual finish the journey of success. In ad to skills, knowledge, and other factors, passion is one essential factor that one needs to gain stability in the industry. People with no passion might get frustrated at a point. No work gives long-term excitement unless an individual is excited about it. Passion is the key to long-term success. It enables people to stay committed to their path. It is something that one cannot learn or acquire like other skills. Passion is present in the people that give them the confidence to overcome all the hardships and meet the end goals. Passion is one factor that brings all successful people to the same stage. Passion gives power to creativity, hard work, and determination, which as a result, makes great accomplishments possible for individuals.

Most successful CEOs, novelists, writers, actors, singers, and other professionals who have gained success at the top of their fields possess motivation that enables them to work extraordinary at something when it does not give them significant results. Passion enables individuals to give out of the practice effort even when they are uncertain about whether they will achieve rewards in return or not. There are various examples in the world who stay committed to their profession just because of passion. And their passion did not discourage them. One such example is Angelo De Feo, well-known for his stage name DEFEO.

DEFEO’s passion for DJing led him to play his mixing at major events and music festivals. He is a true inspiration for all the people who want to make a career in DJing, but they are scared that this career might not give them as many rewards as they expect. Most DJs start this career with their passion for music, but they do not pursue this for a longer period. DEFEO never compromised on his passion. He stayed true to his dreams and ended after achieving what he dreamed of. That’s how passion pushes. It correlates to a person’s dream and capacity to go beyond expectations. Passionate individuals contribute more to their profession, which helps them succeed in the long run.

DJing profession is a matter of passion and patience. Not everyone enjoys the peak of success in this profession. There are challenges. But only those who become successful have the courage to overcome the hurdles and give constant effort. There are two types of DJs. The first type joins the industry to look cool in their friends’ circle and enjoy every bit of their job. These people are not passionate about making it their long-term career. They spend four to five years in the industry and switch to another profession to make some money.

On the contrary, there are some passionate DJs like DEFEO in the industry who keep a firm belief in their skills. They do not think about the consequences and just follow their dreams. These passionate individuals are excited to accept diversity and use creativity to bring great things to their music mix.

Angelo De Feo was born on July 22, 1991, in Bern, Switzerland. He stepped into the music-producing industry with his stage name DEFEO. DEFEO is a Swiss DJ and record producer who started his journey in a local club in 2009. Most DJs start their journey from the small clubs, but they remain there forever. Only a few get noticed and earn huge recognition. DEFEO is one of those who became a sensation while playing in the local clubs. His talents inspired every individual and other clubs. One of the people whom DEFEO inspired was Marc Heymoz (His general manager now). Marc invited DEFEO to join the Aprod agency to work together. The duo worked together for two years. During that period, DEFEO performed in big music festivals in Switzerland. He also performed at the Miami Winter Music Conference in 2013 and 2014. However, DEFEO parted his way from the Aprod Agency and later joined AFFINITY in 2015. AFFINITY was a different agency started by Marc Heymoz. He invited DEFEO to join the agency, to which DEFEO agreed.

Currently, DEFEO performs at major events and clubs in Switzerland. He also performs in some European countries, including Spain, France, and the Czech Republic. In addition, DEFEO has also performed in Macedonia and the United States. DEFEO’s passion for DJing and record producing has given him success and great recognition. He is a true example of staying true to his passion and never giving up.


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