The year of 2021 is looking very promising and exciting for rising music artist Pharaoh Sistare. Giving fans an official music video for his single “Strobe Light” and launching his debut EP “Once Upon a Groove”. Labeled by fans as the best since Michael Jackson,  Pharaoh Sistare has released an electrifying project that will surely put him in the limelight as the next up-and-coming music artist of the year.

Pharaoh Sistare has released four impressive singles prior to the release of the EP, attracting people to his extraordinary music on various streaming platforms, generating more than 40k streams on Spotify alone. He has the makings of a classic powerhouse, combining the musical stylings of legendary icons such as Michael Jackson, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, and James Brown and many, many more. His distinct songs are often laced with vintage overtones, whether it is a groovy four-on-the-floor beat or a sweet Soul  tune. 

Pharaoh Sistare’s new EP  “Once Upon a Groove” has what it takes to stand the tests of time. With Its’ imaginative story-telling cover art illustrated by Pharaoh Sistare himself, his creative themes and aesthetics charm listeners old and young. Though the EP by Pharaoh Sistare is only twenty seven minutes long, it truly comes across as a classic album, having the potential to revolutionize the sound of music. It’s not too hard to hear the hypnotizing dance rhythms and melodies, but there is also a thematic presence within the entire project. It is not a coincidence that the EP by Pharaoh Sistare released on the same day as Michael Jackson’s passing, Sistare says, “I’d like to dedicate this EP to Michael Jackson,  and Aldolfo Quinones, two of my biggest inspirations within music, style and dance”.

The release of his singles “She’s That Girl” , “On the Floor” , “Strobe Light” and “Come Along with Me” are proof of his exceptional lyrical talent and rich musical influences. His songs also reflect his unique ability to tickle listener’s imaginations, transporting them to time and place, reminding them of a moment or memory that they may have only dreamt. 

“I like to imagine places and moments when I produce songs or hear music from certain artists, like Esquivel or Enya for example,” Pharaoh Sistare explained. Dancing is also one of his deepest passions as an artist, and creating danceable melodies comes as second nature to him. “Humans were meant to dance. The world would be a much better place if it held a bigger focus around dancing like it used to,” he added. 

More than anything, Pharaoh Sistare simply wants to connect with music lovers who want to be seen, loved, and lifted. Anyone who loves the return of the nostalgic, who follows a path of their own. People that may need a boost of serotonin or escape the worries in life will find his music to be  a breath of fresh air.

Aside from being a remarkable music artist, Pharaoh Sistare is also an undiscovered fashion icon. Pharaoh Sistare’s sense of style and design, sewing, and styling background, gives him all of  the makings of a superstar. All of these unique talents combined make him such a gem of an artist who is on his way to conquering the music charts very soon. 

As Pharaoh Sistare continues his journey into the music industry, there is one thing for certain, he will give his listeners a quality listening experience full of magic, wonder and dancing rhythms. It is only a matter of time before Pharaoh Sistare’s name is in lights. 

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