Rates of bullying have come to alarming levels in recent years as more and more children fall prey to peer maltreatment. One children’s book author and founder of non-profit organization Every 1 Voice Matters, Sherrika Myers, looks to address the issue for as many children as possible by launching a children’s book series that will improve children’s self-confidence and educate the youth on the importance of kindness. 

Sherrika is the author of a book series that centers around a character named Lil Herbie and his journey through self-discovery despite being bullied for a speech disorder. The Lil Herbie character has come to life through Sherrika’s book collection for children ages four to ten. The book series teaches important lessons around anti-bullying, self-esteem, accountability, stuttering awareness, financial literacy and many other themes that would help children become a better version of themselves. Recently, Sherrika Myers has released another addition to the Lil Herbie children’s book series entitled “Herbie Goes To School,” which is now available on Amazon. 

The author also runs a non-profit organization called Every 1 Voice Matters, or E1VM for short. It’s a registered non-profit and anti-bullying organization that has put forward an urgent agenda amongst schools and other youth circles. It has also put significant energy, time, and resources into stuttering awareness among kids in the United States. The organization’s founder is Sherrika Myers, a children’s book author, certified life coach, and advocate of child confidence. 

Sherrika started the Lil Herbie book series after realizing how many children in her local community felt betrayed and frustrated by the rampant unaddressed cases of bullying in schools and neighborhoods. Driven to end bullying in her local community, she started writing about Lil Herbie to give children a character to relate to when times would get tough.

Herbie stands for all the children who have confidence problems due to stuttering and bullying. Sherrika came up with the idea of the mascot after being inspired by her grandson, Lil Herbert, who also has a stutter. Through the mascot, Sherrika tells tales around Herbie’s struggles and gives lessons and anecdotes that teach children essential lessons around kindness, compassion, self-love, and perseverance. 

Sherrika Myers herself struggled with a stutter when she was younger. The condition caused severe self-consciousness, causing Myers to hide in her shell for the longest time. Then, one day, she decided that she had to do something about her condition if she wanted a better life. Sherrika learned techniques that helped minimize her stutter. Today, she can speak in front of large crowds without a trace of her previous struggles.

Apart from the Lil Herbie series and mascot, Every 1 Voice Matters does after-school tutoring services, fluency training, coaching, and other programs to help children build social and speaking skills at an early age. On August 7, 2021, the organization will be running its fourth back-to-school program, where a thousand students will be receiving school bags filled with supplies for the upcoming school year.

As a believer that every child grows best when trained during their formative years, Sherrika and her team provide as much support to children as they can to help them build emotional intelligence, resolve, and hunger for self-improvement. Through this simple framework, the Every 1 Voice Matters movement has transformed many lives. Yet, the organization and its founder remain adamant about reaching every child who suffers from self-confidence issues.Learn more about Sherrika Myers, the Lil Herbie Book Series, and Every 1 Voice Matters by visiting the organization’s website and Instagram profile.


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