Although more and more people are open to the possibility of undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural features, a lot of them are still on the fence about actually going through the process. Much of their hesitancy can be attributed to the risk factors and safety concerns that could arise during the procedure. Taking heed of this pressing issue in the industry, Kat Sallam and Aleksandra Waibel addressed themselves to the challenge of creating a company that would not only render high-quality services but would also provide a safe environment for different kinds of people. As a result, they established Skinovatio Medical Spa.

On a mission to revolutionize the beauty landscape, Kat Sallam and Aleksandra Waibel have successfully developed advanced technologies geared toward giving people the best possible experience in cosmetic surgery. Standing at the helm of Skinovatio Medical Spa, these brilliant visionaries have demonstrated excellence and commitment in ways no one could have ever imagined. With their aesthetics company, they continue to create significant waves and prove that beauty does not always have to be painful. 

Widely acknowledged as the best medical spa in Illinois, Skinovatio Medical Spa offers quick, minimally invasive, and virtually painless procedures. As a result, patients do not have to endure a long period of recovery. With such little downtime required after every visit, they get to enjoy a highly convenient and efficient overall experience. True enough, the company’s dedication to delivering outstanding results is unlike any other. 

Aside from having incredible founders, Skinovatio Medical Spa also takes pride in having a team of highly qualified and extremely dedicated medical practitioners and aesthetic professionals who use cutting-edge technologies and proprietary therapies to assist customers in enhancing their natural beauty. 

“We want to educate people and inform them that it is very important to choose the right facility for their procedures. Cheap injections are not always good. You can still receive your procedure out of cost, but it is very important to make sure that it is done by a highly trained injector or laser technician since the majority of these treatments carry on the risk of long-life side effects. This is not the case with Skinovatio Medical Spa since we are heavily focused on maintaining a highly trained and qualified staff,” Kat Sallam and Aleksandra Waibel said. 

Since its inception in 2015, Skinovatio Medical Spa has grown exponentially, with locations in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Western Springs, and Ravenswood Manor. In the coming years, the company hopes to continue its signature practice of providing the community with safe, economical, and dependable aesthetic options. 

“Our customers choose Skinovatio because of our excellent customer service, competitive prices, the utilization of modern technologies, and multiple convenient locations,” said Kat.

Lastly, this emerging industry powerhouse is planning to keep up with its heavy focus on brand development. According to the founders, this game plan is to ensure that Skinovatio Medical Spa expands its horizons and become the first medical spa in every state in the United States. 


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